Netia's new office block in Wrocław

The visualisation of Netia's new premises in Wrocław.
The visualisation of Netia's new premises in Wrocław.
Archicom will build a new office block for Netia - West Forum, which wil be located on Strzegomska Street.

Netia S.A. signed a contract with Grupa Archicom, which is going to develop an office block in Wrocław. West Forum will be located on 142A Strzegomska Street. Netia is going to lease 4.000 sq. m. of modern office space in the building. Telefonia Dialog, a joint-stock company belonging to the Netia Goup, will move in the new premises in the third quarter of 2013.

The authors of the architectural design are Dorota Jarodzka-Śródka and Kazimierz Śródka from Archicom Studio in Wrocław.

Thanks to the signing of the agreement, our employees will soon be able to move to a state-of-the-art office building. I hope that the new premises, with conference facilities and a large parking lot, will be appreciated not only by our employees but also our clients, partners and guest visitors – says Agnieszka Wolańska, the Director of Development and Communications.

Netia workers will occupy well-lit premises equipped with an HVAC system – says Tomasz Sujak, Sales Manager at Archicom.

West Forum will offer the total of 80.000 sq. m. of office space meeting the LEED requirements. The building will also house a conference centre and 250 parking places for the lessees. The design of the office block will include access flooring, HVAC systems and dropped ceilings. West Forum can be accessed in 7-10 minutes from the main square and the international airport. Nearby, there are the circumferential highway and the city centre orbital road.

The visualisation of Netia's new premises in Wrocław.
The visualisation of Netia's new premises in Wrocław.
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