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Nowy Styl Group is an European leader in complex furniture solutions to office premises and public places. The unique business model of the Group allows to provide clients with equipment of their interiors, basing on a thorough analysis of the company's specifics and the client’s needs, as well as effectiveness, work organization, ergonomics and acoustics. Thanks to both the experience and the technological and production resources, every offer is tailored to the client’s needs.

The company equips new offices, conference centers, cinemas, stadiums, music, sport and mixed-use buildings every day.

The portfolio of the Group includes 6 product brands: Nowy Styl, BN Office Solution, Rohde & Grahl, Grammer Office, Sitag and Forum Seating. More than 81% from sale go to the export market to 100 countries all over the world. The company has its own departments in 17 countries as well as 15 factories equipped with the most modern technologies, which are located in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.


Nowy Styl Group in numbers:

the largest producer of office furniture in Europe; over 24 years of experience; we deliver our products to 100 countries all over the world; our departments are situated in 17 countries all over the world; 6 brands created in response to different needs of our clients; 81% from sale go the export market; 15 factory units situated in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, equipped with the most modern technologies; 234 074 sq. m of production areas; 305 mln euro of income from sale in 2015; showrooms in 29 cities in 14 countries, e.g.: Warsaw, Krakow, Jasło, Prague, Brussels, Bratislava, London, Paris, Munich and Dusseldorf.  


Cluster of factories: Fabryczna 8 Street, Jasło

Showrooms:  Warsaw  |  Krakow  | Łódź  | Gdańsk  | Poznań  | Jasło