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Tétris is a global expert in arranging and finishing the interiors. It combines the advanced know-how with over 16 years of experience on the Polish market thanks to the recent merger with Neo Świat. The portfolio of Tétris includes the most prestigious skyscrapers of the modern Warsaw's panorama, such as Cosmopolitan, Rondo 1, WFC, Nowy Plac Unii, Focus, or Warsaw Spire.





From the client’ vision to the architectural design. We provide you with our teams of architects, interior designers, graphic designers and urban planners. We examine the needs of a given organization, its clients and employees, and we suggest solutions enhancing work quality, with consideration of the business values of the brand.


…& Build 

We provide a project leader who coordinates all executive teams of Tétris, including engineers and technicians, as well as external subcontractors. From administration and orders, to montage of all finishing elements in accordance with the construction norms and regulations.



We design offices which reflect the corporation culture, enchanting both clients and partners.
  The areas performed by our company stimulate creativity and efficiency of your team.
  Our arrangements respond to the requirements of tomorrow in respect of technologies and flexibility.


We provide a visualization of space by the virtual 360° tool.
  We support your expansion in 16 countries all over the world, providing you with the highest quality services.
  We strictly conform to both quality and aesthetical standards as well as time and budget frames.


We develop a concept of the client’s brand and we creatively adjust it to every location.
  Communication and digital technology are the heart of our design proposals.
  We can efficiently work on a living organism respecting the convenience and the current needs of our clients. 


The company promotes the Design & Build model, that is a broad-based approach to design and general contracting of space. Such mode of work provides synergy between the architect’s vision and the efficient finishing of interiors in local realities. The Design & Build model guarantees high precision in planning the costs of the entire investment with the use of the best quality materials. It meets the client’s needs in respect of comfort and mixed-use working places.

In 2016 Tetris introduced a new standard of work to Poland, that is the Open Book, which provides total transparency of costs on each investment stage. The client is aware of the costs related to every material and service, remunerations for particular employees as well as margin of the general contractor, which is settled in advance. The model examples of the realizations in such standard are the new headquarters of JLL and Stanley Black & Decker.





In 2016 Tétris realized more than 225 projects in Poland of the size amounting to ca. 140 thousand sq. m in total. Tétris is a company with the broad range of opportunities on the market when it comes to the size of the simultaneously finished areas, often working on several dozen designs at once.

Tétris specializes in office and hotel areas as well as modern arrangements of shops. The recognizable headquarters from the recent years are the registered offices of the following companies: Ernst&Young, Kompania Piwowarska, Deutsche Bank, Ringier Axel Springer, Ciecha, or Wyborowa Pernod Ricard. Tétris enjoys a good reputation of a company for special tasks, because it implements the fanciest visions of the investors such as the professional recording studio, or the simulator for playing golf in the office.



The number one realization from the previous year is the headquarters of JLL - Jones Lang LaSalle in the tower of Warsaw Spire. It is performed in the full Design & Build model, that is from the first line made by the architect to the equipment of the interior in the tiniest decoration elements. The examples from the previous year are the following offices: Goldman Sachs (Liberty Corner), MMC (Nimbus), Metrohouse (Sienna Center), or ICBC Bank (Three Crosses Square). At present, Tétris is responsible for e.g. finishing of the exclusive recreation part of Złota 44 in respect of building a swimming pool, bathhouses, fitness club, or cinema for inhabitants. It is also conducting a complex renovation of the interior of Renaissance, that is the historical tenement house situated at Zbawiciela Square.

Other examples of the realization include the new offices such as: Wyborowa Pernod Ricard, Stanley Black&Decker, EY, Aecom, BlaBlaCar, Orleans, Markant, or Linklaters; fit-outs of the buildings: new halls of Warsaw Towers and Marynarska Point 2; prestigious apartments and recreation areas: Cosmopolitan, Park Lane.


See the movie: Wyborowa Pernod Ricard about the cooperation with Tétris



The unquestionable asset of the projects by Tétris is a broadly understood ecology. The realizations of the company include solutions aimed at decrease in energy consumption, minimization of waste, recycling of raw materials and decrease in the level of toxic substances. The design materials meet the criteria of the certification in the BREEAM and LEED systems. The company takes care about using components which are realized with respect to the environment and which do not pose a threat to it. 





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