Film screening of The Seizure of Europe

Business market

On August 28 in Warsaw, a special screening of the film The Seizure of Europ will take place. It is directed at the specialist on marketing and business development.

As a part of brand meetings organized by Construction Marketing Group, Jadwiga Kocur's The Seizure of Europe will be screened. The event is targeted at the specialist on marketing and business development. The show will take place at the Business Garden office at Żwirki i Wigury 18 at 5.30 pm (underground parking available).

The film, which lasts less than 40 minutes, depicts the fascinating life, people and architecture of Warsaw during Interwar period. The documentary was shot in a innovative way and it very interestingly presents architecture and its historic context. Below, you can see the film's trailer:

After the screening, the organizers invite the participants for food and drinks. As a part of the meeting, a charity event will take pace in order to raise funds for 7-months-old Olga Kostka, who suffers from eye cancer.

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