Torus – partner of 5th Red Bull Flugtag Competition

Torus with machine resembling buildings of Alchemia, visualization Torus
The 5h Red Bull Flugtag Competition was held in Gdynia on 16th August this year. A partner of this event was Torus, owner of Gdańsk Alchemia.

The 5th Red Bull Flugtag Competition took place on the Kościuszki Square in Gdynia one week ago. The event gathered amateurs and constructors who started from a 6-meter-long platform with an earlier constructed machine and then they landed into the water. Team which reached the greatest length won the competition. This year's edition of the event gathered 40 teams with various constructions which resembled, for instance, animals and flying saucers, train with wings or air taxi. Torus took part in the event with machine called If You Jump I Jump resembling buildings of the Alchemia investment in Gdańsk.


Preparation to the competition lasted several months. Different conceptions were considered. Finally, a construction project with two towers situated on the common base was chosen. We wanted our machine as well as partnership in this show reflected our passions and things with which we are identified – says Monika Brzozowska, Torus. Team representing the company during the competition was composed of employees. The construction of Torus reached 6.85 m.   


Machine's elements were constructed in the Fab Lab Tricity studio and finishing works related to the montage were realized in Stajnia Kolibki. Employees of Torus participated in the construction process and tenants of Alchemia prepared unique logotypes of their companies which were hung on the air construction.  


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