The Rising Stars of BPO

Colliers International's report presents markets with growing potential in the BPO sector.

Colliers International's report has the form of a map presenting 10 Polish cities which, apart from the main centres of BPO (Business Process Offshoring) in Poland, show big potential in this field.

Paul Blackman, International Director, Office Agency of Colliers International, specializing in providing real estate advice to clients in the BPO/SSC sector comments on the report:

Most people are aware of the current stars of the Polish BPO Industry such as Kraków, Wrocław, the Tri-City region and Poznan and the Colliers’ report “ BPO Under the Microscope ” from 2012 looked at eight of these locations in detail. Over recent months an increasing number of our BPO clients started to ask about some of the less well known locations such as Lublin, Kielce, Torun and Olsztyn. Our newly released map “Rising Stars 2013: 10 upcoming BPO/SSC locations” is an analysis of the office markets and demographics in 10 Polish cities that have so far slipped slightly under the radar as locations for BPO & SSC companies and which may have the potential to grow over the next few years. The report provides data on the supply of office space in each market as well as current rental rates and office vacancy rates. It also describes the number of universities in each market as well as the number of students, unemployment rates and average salary levels.

According to the report, rental rates in these markets can be even 50 % cheaper than in the main office markets. Moreover, the overall supply of office space in each market is relatively small at the moment, but it is going to increase, particularly in Lublin, Kielce and Olsztyn.

Of the BPO type companies already present in these locations the dominant sectors are IT, Call Center and Financial Services.

The conclusion is that although the "rising stars" are unlikely to exceed the established leaders, but they will certainly strengthen their position, as the BPO sector is looking for locations which offer better financial conditions and educated professionals.

Below you will find the full version of the report in a PDF file.

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