Banks prefer modern office buildings in city centre

The majority of Polish banks place their headquarters in A or B-class office buildings in the centre of Warsaw. Wola becomes attractive as well.

Banks are one of the most important groups of tenants of modern office space. The new report The Tenant's Perspective, carried out by DTZ, includes expectations and preferences of this particular secotr.

The majority of commercial banks in Poland – 34 out of 43 – have their headquarters in Warsaw. The centre of the city is the most attractive place for this type of tenants. Next are Warsaw's quarters Górny Mokotów, Służewiec Przemysłowy and Wola.

Especially as far as Wola is concerned, remarkable changes on the market can be seen – a lot of banks place their premises there. Recently, Nordea Bank, Getin Noble Bank, Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości, or Bank Ochrony Środowiska have moved to Wola. The construction of Line 2 of Warsaw's underground is the main reason for the trend. The underground will substantially improve communication with this area. Tenants can also count on attractive lease conditions – informs Anna Staniszewska, DTZ, Department of Consulting and Market Analyses Executive. - In connection to ongoing consolidation of the bank sector, further relocations are possible. Besides, changing technological factors, such as growing importance of online banking, also influence the shape of the sector and the amount and character of spaces (as well as the number of workers) occupied by banks. Online banking allows to reduce commercial space leased by banks (and the number of units).

Over a half of the DTZ report respondents have pointed at the centre as the best place for banks. Additionaly, they have stated that all departments should be placed in one building or a complex. Erik Drukker, DTZ Vice-President and Department of Office Space Executive adds: However, we have to notice that the majority of banks decide to move some „back office” operations outside the city or to smaller towns in order to optimalize operational costs.

The most important factors banks pay attention to while choosing the location are good public transport, the price of the rent, and  the possibility of placing company's logo on the building. These tenants does not take closeness of shops, services, restaurants or hotels into consideration.

Actually, all banks in our country decide to lease high-class, A or B, buildings. The most important technical specifications are the access to two, independent power sources, flexibility of the leased space, and high standard of fire safety measurments.

At present, both banks and tenants from other sectors, expect buildings to be flexible and adjusted to their activity as much as possible. These expectations will be particularly important in the time of growing competition between office building projects, and the time will come within a few years. At the same time, medium and big tenants should remember to begin the talks about relacoation as early as possible, even 3-4 years before the expiring of their existing leases. It will help to find the cheapest real estate and tailor it to fit – comments Erik Drukker.

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