LUX MED leases office space in Brama Portowa

Brama Portowa in Szczecin
Brama Portowa in Szczecin
LUX MED moves into the office complex Brama Portowa in Szczecin.

A lease agreement of the office complex the Brama Portowa in Szczecin has been signed by LUX MED, a company operating in the private healthcare sector. The company will move into the Brama Portowa I ”Poczta” and will occupy 800 sq m. The opening of the first premises is planned for summer 2013.  

“The possibility of flexible arrangement of particular floors enabled us to adapt the interior to the individual needs of the new tenant. The Brama Portowa will undoubtedly provide the new tenant with comfortable working conditions and perfect location in the city centre which will certainly facilitate access to the building,” said Roger Andersson, Managing Director at SwedeCenter.

The complex comprises two independent office buildings which total office and commercial space amounts to 12 900 sq m. The architectural studio T33 Architekci is responsible for the project. The Brama Portowa is the first commercial project in Szczecin which is applying for the environmental LEED certification. Modern energy-saving and pro-environmental solutions were applied in the building. The complex was commissioned in November 2012.

The Brama Portowa's investor and developer is SwedeCenter, the company belonging to Property Division Group Inter IKEA. At the same time, the company is the building's administrator.

LUX MED Group operates 114 medical centres in Poland, both generally accessible and company-affiliated private medical care clinics and hospitals. They provide comprehensive outpatient, diagnostic, rehabilitation and one-day surgery care. Furthermore, more than 1,500 medical consultation centres throughout Poland collaborate with the Group.

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