How To Create A Unique Space A convenient and attractive space is a great challenge for architects. However, there are lots of useful ideas that help them to arrange interiors, for instance, CubiForms wall panels, which do not only serve as a decorative factor. read more
Bathroom: How To Deal With Heavy Traffic It is a real challenge to provide easy and convenient access to clean bathroom in places with heavy traffic. Fortunately, there are some helpful solutions to this problem. read more
Flooring Types And Acoustics Any convenient work place requires the right acoustics as well as good flooring materials. We would like to present you 3 best acoustic flooring solutions to the office by Forbo Flooring. read more
Office Space: 10 Million Square Meters In Poland The office market supply exceeded 10 million sq. m at the end of the first half of 2018. According to the experts at JLL, the boom continues. read more
Park Rozwoju: New Attraction Park Rozwoju office complex (a part of EPP’s portfolio) situated in Warsaw offers a new attraction for employees, that is a garden with fresh vegetables and herbs. It is designed by Florabo. read more
Monopolis Summer Stage Modern investments do not only create an urban structure but they also become a place of cultural events. The example is an outdoor theatre at Monopolis situated in Łódź. read more logo


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