What Do Computer Programmers Actually Need? There are many office legends about computer programmers. According to the latest report “What Do Computer Programmers Need”, they are perceived as a very demanding group due to both working conditions and workplace. Are they really so fussy? read more
Sleep: A New Benefit For Employees Many people are currently struggling with tiredness and occupational burnt-out. In response to that problem, companies are introducing naps as a new element of the work-life balance program. We are talking with Magdalena Filcek, author of "Vinci Power Nap – Sleep Café" about the power of a catnap. read more
Open Space Can Be Cozy Too Tétris carried out a general overhaul of Allianz office; 14 000 sq. m were redeveloped within 14 months. At present, open space that stimulates cooperation between employees constitutes 80% of total space occupied by Allianz. read more
How To Improve Hygiene Practices In Your Workplace? We spend long hours in our workplace every day. In that time, we are in constant contact with other people and places which literally abound in bacteria. If we want to prevent infections, we have to remember about the importance of hygiene in the office. read more
Poland: A Safe Address For Investors Nowadays, there is a strong global trend of investing in real estates. We are talking with Michał Styś, Managing Director of OPG Property Professionals, about the results for the previous year and whether 2018 is actually a good year to invest in profitable real estates. read more
.KTW I Is Eco-Friendly .KTW I in Katowice receives BREEAM Interim certificate at the Excellent level. read more
How Much Does A Process Of Revitalization Actually Cost? Developers tend to carry out revitalization processes on existing buildings much more eagerly these days, however, such investments may sometimes cost them even 150% more. read more
CEE Retail Real Estate Awards: Victoria’s Secret and Unbail-Rodamco big winners Newcomer to the region Victoria’s Secret and the prolific investor/developer Unibail-Rodamco have blazed their way through one of Central Eastern Europe’s top retail awards ceremonies. read more logo


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