About us

The e-biurowce.pl portal is a part of the KRN Media Group Ltd. Founded in 2009, the typical office rental website has gradually widened its focus to include office market news from 2012 onwards. It embraces professionals from the field as well as readers interested in selling or letting their office.


E-biurowce is the only Polish portal that is exclusively dedicated to the office market. Apart from news and offers of offices to rent, it also raises issues connected to architecture, office construction and design. Articles, transactions and news provide the web users with full information on the office market.

Presentations on products and services, which constitute an additional content of the website, complement information about the market. There are also numerous feature articles concerning contracted companies such as office furniture manufacturers, installers, construction engineers and other issues related to the construction and design of the office.


The portal is not just a typical office rental website due to the link between featured articles and offers of the companies of the office market – investors, architects, managers, office owners, contractors. Besides dry information on an office or a product, the user is also given valuable advice and comments.



EXPERT BLOGS and COMMENTS ON ARTICLES work as an information exchange platform between the users. Each user, after having logged in previously, can make an expert comment on the article as well as publish original entries on their blog to share his or her opinion with others.


To add opinions or create an blog, you need to be LOGGED IN Texts made by experts can be linked to their social media profiles which enables them to build their online portfolio.




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