Kinnarps Poland Ltd. Arrangement offices
02-819 Warszawa
Puławska 354/356
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Making life better at work and feeling better at work is the Kinnarps objective which we pursue in our company. We help in everything, starting with the choice of the swivel chair, to the comprehensive work on space arrangements, adapting it to the specific needs of the business, regardless of whether it is a public institution, a small local company, an international corporation or an educational facility.

We are European leader in the industry in which we operate, and we operate around the world, while at the same time, the company is of Swedish descent. We take care of the entire process, from the initial idea, through the production, distribution and installation. This translates into maximum efficiency and speed, allowing us to provide high quality with minimal impact on the environment.

At Kinnarps, we believe that a well designed work space motivates, integrates, facilitates communication, and improves team collaboration, stimulates innovative approach which in return provides an advantage over the competition and generate a profit.

Our offer is directed to those who want a creative and dynamic work environment and to contribute the benefits for the company and its employees. Our solutions consist of functional, durable, timeless design furniture, reliable and professional service, comfort with working in  an inspiring environment.  We believe that every workplace can improve, thanks to ergonomic solutions.

We create interior decoration to all sorts of places – from the individual positions to waiting rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, canteens and cafes. We use a wide range of styles. Our offered brands, which are belonging to our portfolio – Kinnarps and MartinStoll consist of solid and ergonomic furniture of different styles: simple and original, timelessly elegant or bold,high-quality finish. The sistercompanies; Materia, Skandiform and NC Nordic Care enrich the offer and offer an interesting solutions that grow over the traditional ways of thinking.

To create a fully comprehensive solution, we also cooperate with other international and local suppliers and thanks to the fact that we successfully keep the pace with the changing world, there is always something new to be discovered at the Kinnarps. We equip about 1,800 new workplaces daily.

There are 7 Kinnarps showrooms in the main cities in Poland.