Office premises for sale Wrocław

Znalezionych ofert: 305
For sale: 860 sqm
Price: 1660000
For sale: 2500 sqm
Price: 3690000
For sale: 3211 sqm
Price: 1250000
For sale: 3500 sqm
Price: 8550000
For sale: 900 sqm
Price: 3000000
For sale: 67 sqm
Price: 349000
For sale: 1000 sqm
Price: 1600000
For sale: 900 sqm
Price: 3000000
For sale: 67 sqm
Price: 349000
For sale: 48 sqm
Price: 258000
For sale: 95 sqm
Price: 572280
For sale: 54 sqm
Price: 327000
For sale: 665 sqm
Price: 3150000
For sale: 182 sqm
Price: 1087481
For sale: 199 sqm
Price: 1184407
For sale: 82 sqm
Price: 615000
For sale: 101 sqm
Price: 606000
For sale: 3531 sqm
Price: 8474000
For sale: 75 sqm
Price: 370000
For sale: 430 sqm
Price: 2750000
Znalezionych ofert: 305
Office space in Wrocław
Wrocław is a city which has recently been enhancing its position on the office market in Poland. The offices realized in Wrocław meet the European standards. The biggest developer companies in the country realize their office investments in this city. The major part of office complexes in the capital of Little Silesia is located in the city center – in such districts as Stare Miasto and Śródmieście. Additionally, big investment potential in terms of development of office space characterizes such districts as Fabryczna and Psie Pole. Thanks to both attractive rent rates for lease and convenient location, Wrocław gains popularity among tenants, that is mainly international outsourcing companies.

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