Office premises for rent Kraków

Znalezionych ofert: 1623

Kraków, J. Słowackiego
For lease: 110 sqm
Rent: 2500

Kraków, Szczepański
For lease: 140 sqm
Rent: 5500
For lease: 610 sqm
Rent: 25000
For lease: 130 sqm
Rent: 6500

Kraków, Prądnicka
For lease: 112 sqm
Rent: 4200
For lease: 348 sqm
Rent: 19140
For lease: 188 sqm
Rent: 10340
For lease: 160 sqm
Rent: 8800
For lease: 38 sqm
Rent: 1800

Kraków, Bosaków
For lease: 480 sqm
Rent: 29000
For lease: 225 sqm
Rent: 13500
For lease: 54 sqm
Rent: 1890
For lease: 490 sqm
Rent: 26950

Kraków, Jasna
For lease: 80 sqm
Rent: 3000

Kraków, Urzędnicza
For lease: 68 sqm
Rent: 2500

Kraków, W. E. Radzikowskiego
For lease: 220 sqm
Rent: 10780

Kraków, ks. F. Maja
For lease: 77.5 sqm
Rent: 2867

Kraków, W. E. Radzikowskiego
For lease: 78 sqm
Rent: 2500
For lease: 17.8 sqm
Rent: 1500

Kraków, Królowej Jadwigi
For lease: 318.8 sqm
Rent: 11500
Znalezionych ofert: 1623
Office premises for rent and for sale Krakow
Are you looking for an ideal registered office for your company in Krakow? Are you interested in modern office space situated in an attractive location? Krakow offers a broad range of possibilities to potential tenants. New office investments in Krakow are characterized by a high standard, most frequently confirmed with such certificates as LEED and BREEAM. The most popular location for office investments in the capital of Little Poland is the north of the city – primarily Prądnik Czerwony, and also – Grzegórzki. Developers also eagerly locate their registered offices in the southern part of the city – in the Dębniki district. What has a crucial impact on development of the office market in Krakow is huge popularity of the city among tenants – especially among international outsourcing companies.