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In 1987 (as Klub Użytkowników Mikrokomputerów Profesjonalnych – the Club of Professional Microcomputer Users) we organized the first conference in Poland concerning professional uses of PCs and since then we have continuously been one of the leading companies on the market of trainings and ICT promotion.

Since 1991 CPI, already as a company, has been organizing various trainings in the field of ICT technologies (around 120 events a year). We make thematic trainings for specific target groups. Our events are attended by representatives of: public administration, local government units, government administration, cultural institutions, medical and finances sector, industry, ICT, small and medium-sized businesses and employees of research and academic units from the whole country.

Since 2005 we have been successfully organizing conferences and trainings for representatives of libraries, archives, museums, theatres, and other cultural institutions. We promote good practices at the junction of computer sciences , humanities, history and art. So far we have organized over 30 training and information meetings for museum representatives. Thanks to our gained experience and the quality of our services we are viewed as the leader in the field of training. Our recurring events have become a permanent element of the training calendar in museums. Workshop programs are developed and carried out by renowned experts, we engage the most prominent specialists in the field.

We have user bases with detailed categorization by industry. We access the addresses via the means of electronic communication such as e-mail or FAX and through Contac Center – a department of CPI established in 2006 and trained to communicate with the participants of conferences and training programs. Besides, we develop campaigns targeting the participants of past CPI trainings and people who expressed interest in training by subscribing our Newsletters. We recruit participants via many means using personalized databases which have been built for many years for Promotion. Thanks to our PR department we started cooperation with many publishing houses and thematic portals where we publish information about our events, which allows to advertise our enterprises significantly.

Our purpose is to educate and integrate people involved in various subsectors of the organizational and ICT techniques market. The knowledge presented during the conferences has become the basis of many books. We operate on the border of science and business. We want lectures which take place during our conferences to be accompanied by presentation of state-of-the-art technologies.

We recommend our services and encourage to cooperate.

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