Security systems in trade and office buildings


City : Warszawa
Place :
Date : 29.08.2013
Hour : 10:00 - 16:30
Status : closed
Security systems in trade and office buildings


29th August 2013, Warsaw


10:00 Lecture: Administration of commercial buildings' security. IT tools in security systems.

The preparation of plans of buildings' security. Colonel, Sc. D. Zbigniew Piątek (National Defence University of Warsaw)

10:30 Lecture: Systems of technical protection, with the particular interest in personal property's protection systems and the objects in commercial buildings (trade and office ones) the representant of Military University of Technology

11:15 The presentation of seminar's sponsor

11:45 Answering questions, consultation

12:00 Break, refreshments

12:30 Lecture and cosultation: Fire security in commercial buildings:

- administrator's responsibility for fire protection in a property,

- maintaining of technical working order of devices, systems and anti-fire installations in the buildings,

- technical/formal and legal aspects,

- non-standart solutions of the problems with anti-fire security in the buildings.

Brigadier, Sc. D. Andrzej Marciniak

13:00 Companies' presentations - according to exemplary set of topics:

- Visual monitoring.

- Systems of fire alarm - fire's detection.

- Anti-theft gates.

- Access control.

- Extinguishing of fire in trade and office rooms (gas, water, water fog)

- Supporting society's health

- Electric alarm and protection systems.

- Biometric systems.

14:00 Break

14:15 Lecture: Emergency procedures in administrating commercial spaces. The types of risks and managing the risk. The analysis of insurance needs and the choice of a suitable programme. Mariusz Majkowski.

15:15 Case study: The siginificance of procedures in the politics of trade building's security. Witold Malinowski (Land Steward)

15:45 Lecture and consultation: The legal aspects of security in commercial buildings. Legal responsibility in buildings' security: Dr. Konrad Marciniuk, (Principal in The Law Firm Miller, Canfield, W. Babicki, A. Chełchowski i Wspólnicy)

16:30 The end of the programme, certificate-giving.

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