TEDxWrocław is held in Silver Tower Center

Conference Center in Silver Tower Center
Conference Center in Silver Tower Center occupies over 1600 sq. m
The fourth edition of the TEDxWrocław conference will be held in the Silver Tower Center building on 16th May.

TEDxWrocław – an inspiring meeting of people who want to share with their experiences and ideals in the capital of Lower Silesia will be held for the fourth time. This time, the organizers made Silver Conference Center a place of searching for new solutions and ideas. The conference center is located in the Silver Tower Center office.


The TEDxWrocław event gathers people who want to share with their inspiring experiences in accordance with the TED principle about spreading the ideas worth propagating. The Wrocław edition of the conference has been arousing a great interest for four years. It is organized as a non-profit event and this year’s subject will be „Wonderland” – a state of mind which enables creativity and openness as well as searching for new ideas and solutions.


The conference will be held on 16th May in a fairy-tale scenery of Silver Conference Center – a strategic partner of the event. It will include 10 maximally 18-minute performances. Moreover, the organizers planned a wide range of attractions and activities related to the subject matter – that is Wonderland. 


The list of performers in this year’s edition of TEDxWrocław includes:  

  • Jacek Witkowski – an editor of krytykakulinarna.com will teach you how to not waste the food;
  • Marcin Czub – is engaged in application of virtual reality in rehabilitation and pain therapy;
  • Matt Burdynowski – a singer and specialist in voice projection will convince you that everyone can sing;
  • Rafał Motriuk – a journalist engaged in the subject area of science in Polskie Radio will tell you how to live a healthy life;
  • Maciej Lulko – a photographer of architecture and city who documents development in Wrocław and life of its inhabitants;
  • Magdalena Golachowska-Poleszczuk – Medical Doctor, nutritionists and dietitian who combines modern science with traditional medicine;
  • Margaret Ohia – a linguist and researcher of cross-cultural differences who analyzes the presence of racial stereotypes in media and human relations;
  • Ewa Niemczura – an astrophysicist who analyzes the internal structure of stars;
  • IMPROKRACJA Improvisation Theater – actors, mimes and clowns who create improvised performances;
  • Bartosz Żółtak – analyzes a mathematical function (VMPC) which was discovered by him and presented on the international FSE cryptographic conference;
  • Marcin Jaskowski – a medical rescuer, beginner tattooist and enthusiastic skateboarder; plays on an incredible instrument: Handpan.


Silver Tower Center is a multifunctional office and hotel complex which is composed of two complementary segments: 14-floor higher part with 12 tiers in which offices are located and 6-floor lower part. In the second part are located hotel and conference center, whereas on the ground floor and -1 tier – service and commercial premises. The structure is situated in the city center of Wrocław at Plac Konstytucji 3 Maja in the vicinity of Dworzec Główny PKS and bus station. The modern building is characterized by a well-thought and dynamic solid which perfectly signs itself into urban landscape. The illusion of the structure’s slightness is emphasized by a glass façade divided into vertical and sharp profiles. The Silver Tower Center project was prepared by architects from the Maćków architectural studio and the Knight Frank company is a manager of the building.


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