Eurobuild Awards grand gala


City : Warszawa
Place : Hilton Warszawa
Date : 06.12.2012
Hour : 09:03 - 20:03
Status : closed
Eurobuild Awards grand gala
On the 6th of december, during the Eurobild Awards ceremony, we will learn the best companies of year 2012, operating on commercial property market in Middle-Eastern Europe.


On 6th december, during Eurobild Awards ceremony we will know 2012's best companies operating on commercial property market in Central-Eastern Europe. It is going to be the third edition of a project organised by the publisher of a bilingual monthly „Eurobuild Central & Eastern Europe”.

Eurobuild Awards are being awarded in four main cathegories:

  1. Overall achievements awards - bestowed a person, whose achievements are highly prized by representatives of property and construction markets. Taken into account during the judging process are: life achievements, road to success as well as input into the development of Polish property market. This awards laureates are undoubtedly exceptional people.
  2. Leaseholder's awards - winning structures shall be chosen on the basis of results of a survey conducted by Millward Brown SMG/KRC among leasholders of offices, business centers and warehouses. Evaluated in the survey are: 60 office buildings, 35 shopping centers and 20 warehouses in the entire Poland.
  3. Market awards - victorious projects/companies will be chosen by a jury consisting of professionals pessesing a wide knowledge on selected sector or cathegory's topic. There is no limit for the number of jury members in each cathegory. The statistics regarding the gathered body are impressive: in 2010 we've gathered 105 jury members, while in 2011 there have been as many as 177 already.
  4. Audience awards - a vote will take place during the grand gala in Warsaw's Hilton hotel.

Eurobuild Awards are a unique initiative which in short time became a part of the most important event's calendar in the property industry. Thanks to a new formula of awarding ( the best projects/companies are being chosen not only by a jury, but also by properties' users) previous two editions have gained acknowledgment of a wide body of representatives of property and construction market, which proves the need of such project's existence. Eurobuild Awards points out the leaders and sets the trends as well as presents the market's strong sides. This years gala is also going to be a large scale event. We expect close to 700 guests - lead representatives from property market.

Eurobuild Awards are a summary of property market's activity, and Eurobuild Awards cathalogue , issued specially for this occasion, is a rundown of the event and is completely devoted to this project. Published in the cathalogue will be a report from Millward Brown SMG/KRC survey, on the basis of which the winners in Leasholder's Award cathegory shall be chosen. It will also contain profiles of winners, jury members as well as projects nominated in each cathegory.

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