ECO BioNanoPark open!

The investment cost over 76 million PLN
Łódź. The grand opening ceremony has been attended by Poland's president, Bronisław Komorowski


BioNanoPark,, which officialy operates since monday, consists of two laboratories: industrial biotechnology as well as molecular and nanostrcuctural biophysics, which will offer their services in the area of research for business and academic centers in Poland and abroad. It will also contain 50 offices belonging to Inkubator Technologiczny, operating innovative activities in the areas like information technology or renewable enrgy resources.

- It is the small and medium companies that take the lead in Polish economy. That is why centers like BioNanoPark, where all entrepreneurs can test their products, have them examined for implementation of their solutions into industry, are exceptionally important. Centers like the one in Łódź are the true answer to challenges awaiting Poland - said president Bronisław Komorowski during the opening ceremony of BioNanoPark in Technopark Łódź. - Let us remember that small and medium businesses are the sources of Paland's economical success. They're also the tools to successfully combat dangers of crisis concerning the entire western world. I'm glad that this technological park has been created in good style and - as I hear - a good year earlier than planned. It is good that a year earlier small and medium businesses will get a chance to recieve a real support for their ideas and needs, their and our common chances for further economic growth of the country, region and Łódź - said president Komorowski.

The construction of BioNanoPark office-laboratory complex, realized by Łódzki Regionalny Park Naukowo-Technologiczny Ltd., started in february 2011. According to work schedule the building was to be completed in october 2013, however it proved possible to finish the works twelve months earlier. BioNanoPark's construction cost over 76 million zlotych, of which 53 millions have been covered by EU's funds.

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