ECO 9 tons of electronic waste collected by Warsaw companies

9 000 kg of electronic waste was collected in Warsaw. Afterwards it was sold and the proceeds has been forwarded to the WWF Poland.

A joint initiative of real estate companies - DTZ, Knight Frank, Jones Lang LaSalle, Skanska and STENA Recycling – helped collect 9 000 kg of dangerous electronic waste in Warsaw.  It was then sold and the income has been donated to the WWF Poland, which deals with environmental protection. Recycling of the waste is supposed to reduce CO2  emission by over 2500 kg.

The companies were inspired by the Earth Hour campaign, which is very popular with individuals as well as with firms. As part of it WWF organized the campaign I Will If You Will, in which someone agrees to do something if other people help in protecting the environment not limited to Earth Hour. This year 60 000 people from Poland joined the campaign. It is twice more than last year. The main goal of DTZ, Knight Frank, Jones Lang LaSalle, Skanska and STENA Recycling was to collect together 5 tons of electronic waste.

Efforts of every company and actions supporting the Earth Hour – collecting the dangerous electronic waste – are an excellent example of sustainable development. Thanks to proper attention our choices and decisions can have a positive impact on the environment, economy and society. The Earth Hour campaign prevented sending 9 000 kg of waste to landfills. It increased awareness in society and showed that our particular actions and support can have a positive impact as well as generate profits for the WWF from selling the electronic waste – Sylwia Wodz, WWF Poland.

All of the collected waste was recycled by STENA Recycling. Tenants and administrators of office buildings joined the waste collection. The campaign was a unique opportunity for underscoring the problem of the electronic waste, especially as containers for its collection are still very rare in Warsaw.

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