The works at Sezam are in progress

A computer rendering of Nowy Sezam office building in Warsaw
A computer rendering of Nowy Sezam office building in Warsaw
BBI Development has begun demolition works of Sezam Department Store in Warsaw.

Demolition works of the underground storeys of Sezam Department Store and the basement of the former club Underground are currently carried out in the screen of a Berlin-type wall on Marszałkowska Street's side. Additionally, cable lines will be reconstructed. The investor assures that these works do not affect the overground part of the building, due to which Sezam and McDonalds can work as usual.

BBI Development justifies its activities with separating the investment works from syndicate works, which work at construction of the second underground line. Nowy Sezam, which is scheduled to be constructed in the place of the Department Store, will be the first office building in Warsaw connected with the underground.

As a part of the currently realised works the contractor, Strabag company, is also to realise slurry walls and parts of the overground constructions surrounding the exist from the underground station. The works may be realised owing to a permit for demolition and realisation of works which secure the adjacent properties, received by the investor in February 2013.

Current works are to be completed in November 2013, whereas the beginning of the demolition of Sezam Department Store is scheduled on the turn of 2013 and 2014. This stage is to be closely connected with the investment cycle of constructing the new building – BBI Development does not plan any interruptions between demolishing the old building and commencing foundation works of the new investment.

Nowy Sezam is to be located at Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska streets intersection, and it is to offer the retail area and office space of 13 800 m2. The ground floor and the first floor will be designated for shops, whereas higher storeys will be occupied by offices. A parking lot will be created in the underground storeys.

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