What's the state of Polish construction?

Last year's Construction Market Monitoring conference, photo ASM -  Study and Market Analysis Centre
Conference attractes those, interested in construction market, photo ASM - Study and Market Analysis Centre
On the 17th of October 2013 in Warsaw the Market Construction Market Monitoring conference, an event which will allow its participants to gain information about the current situation of' Polish economy and construction sector, will take place.

Gromada Lotnisko Hotel by 17 Stycznia St.,  will be the place for exchange of information and knowledge about the current state of Polish construction market. On the 17th of October, the meeting of sector's representatives, willing to gain specific knowledge about the up-to-date statistics of Polish construction, trends and predictions for the future, will take place. The organizer of the event is ASM – Study and Market Analysis Centre.

To act efficiently on the Polish construction market and successfully address the needs of the customers, the knowing of news is essential. Construction Market Monitoring 2013 conference,  divided to three major sessions, will provide these news.

The first session will begin with the presentation of the state of Polish economy with the specification of the Polish construction sector's situation. The newest data concerning the macroeconomic indexes and those connected with construction sector will be presented. The session will end with the discussion concerning the state of construction for housing and other purposes as well as the presentation of future predictions. Among the experts taking part in this session will be such names as: Beata Tomczak, Joanna Florczak-Czujwid and Małgorzata Skonieczna – all from ASM -  Study and Market Analysis Centre and Bogumił Sieczkowski from Obligo Funds Group.

The second session will be a discursive panel, moderated by Zbigniew Bachman from Construction University Foundation. The subject will be concerning the general issues of construction materials' export outside Polish borders. The chances and obstacles for polish construction sector connected with export will be discussed. Moreover, promoting programmes, as well as financial and legal sides of the issue.

The last session will deal with modern internet technologies in construction sector. Experts, such as Krzysztof Wójcik from Montemedia, Kamil Porembiński z The Camels and Małgorzata Skonieczna from ASM -  Study and Market Analysis Centre, will share their knowledge and experiences. During this part of the conference, the newest results of the studies concerning the activity of Polish contractors in the internet, conducted by the event's organizer will be presented. The subject of copyright in the internet will also be discussed.

The participation in the conference is free-of-charge.


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