Bankruptcy proceedings in Cracow Business Park

Cracow Business Park 100 in Zabierzów
Cracow Business Park 100 in Zabierzów
In the district court for Cracow-Midtown (VIII Commercial Department for bankruptcy and reparatory cases) a bankruptcy proceedings is being conducted, including a liquidation of the Cracow Business Park estate.

Marcin Żurakowski, official receiver of KBP, in the conversation with informed that the liquidation plan has been developed and the process of stocktaking and valuation of a bankrupt partnership’s assets has been ended. The amount indicated by an assessor totals 116,6 million zlotys. The list of liabilities, on the other hand, is in the course of preparations.


The interest of the investment’s purchase was expressed by USS Fprop Sp. z o.o. partnership, owned by British USS pension fund, having several properties in Poland which are being managed by Polish group’s branch – First Property Poland company with a headquarters in Warsaw at Plac Bankowy 2.


The fund has at its disposal Z1 office which adjoins KBP office. The structure has belonged to Cracow Business Park till 2006 with a name KBP-100. Because of a disturbing legal situation of KBP, First Property partnership made a decision about changing a name of the office so as to – as informed – emphasized stronger its proprietary independence.


Cracow Business Park was founded in 1997. It is located on the area of Cracow Special Economic Zone. Four buildings are members of the complex: KBP 200 (11 000 sq. m of office space), KBP 400 (11 000 sq. m), KBP 800 (14 000 sq. m) and KBP 1000 (14 000 sq. m).

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