Final demolition permit for Sezam

Marszałkowska Centre
Marszałkowska Centre
On 28 August 2014, the capital city of Warsaw granted a building permit for a multifunctional Centrum Marszałkowska structure in place of a former Dom Handlowy Sezam.

Thereby, the president of Warsaw maintained a building permit, which was granted in March this year, to which two independent appeals were made in April and May 2014. In case of the first one, the Mazovian Voivode declared a failure to meet the time of lodging an appeal, and the second one has been negatively considered. The demolition of DH Sezam will start at the end of 2014.


The complex, as the first in the capital, will be directly connected with the underground – there will be an exit leading through it from Świętokrzyska station in the direction of Ściana Wschodnia.


The investment’s project has been designed by Juvenes-Projekt studio, owned by BBI Development S.A. Group. In respect of an architectural style, the building will be referring to a former business house, thanks to which it will act as other buildings along Marszałkowska Street. Above its entrance, there will be a former neon of Sezam, whereas its interior will be decorated with mosaics.


The investment, located at the corner of Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska Streets, is being realized by BBI Development together with “Społem” Śródmieście cooperative, which will be also one of the building’s tenant. The structure will offer ca. 12 000 sq. m of office space and 4800 sq. m of commercial space. Shops will be located on the ground floor and on the first underground tier, on the lower underground tiers, in turn, – there will be a car park with 106 parking places. Moreover, the other floors will be occupied by office areas. The complex will be commissioned in 2017.

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