An ethereal office with a big garden is going to arise in the very heart of Jan Christian Szuch Avenue

SZUCHA Premium Offices
Building was designed by Bolesław Stelmach
On the turn of October and November, building works at Jan Christian Szuch Avenue are going to start. Green Property Group will build an office.

SZUCHA Premium Offices building will offer 8000 sq. m of office space, 3-tier underground garage, 3 cascade terraces with total space of 1200 sq. m, and area intended for service, conference and restaurant functions. Part of the investment will be also a renovated XIX century Pałacyk Generałowej Marii Agapijew, in which 1000 sq. m of restaurant and club space will arise. It will be enclosed by a few hundred meters public fence.

A general contractor of the investment is not known yet. However, as Artur Nowakowski, chairman of Green Property Group board, informed in a conversation with – talks, which are being held with three companies interested in realization of the building designed by Bolesław Stelmach, are currently drawing to an end. The project’s designer is also an author of an architectural conception of Centrum Chopinowskie in Warsaw, extension of Sejm RP or Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina in Żelazowa Wola.

Architecture is an art of transforming space for life, it should be a synthesis of Nature and Culture. New building at Szucha Avenue is an attempt to listen carefully to those two kinds of conditionings which form an architectural thing – claims an architect Bolesław Stelmach, quoting M. Budzyński. From the garden, which encloses a former villa of a general’s wife Agapijew, dominates beauty of big old trees – great larches, lime trees and oaks. On the other hand, from Szucha Avenue and Litewska Street, XIX century tenement houses and monumental and interwar period architecture create conditions. Those contexts have formed the house as the unity of two worlds. From west, “green” wooden-glass structure became overgrown with vegetation and creepers. On the lowest part of the building from this side as well as on the roof, hanging gardens are being arranged. The green area comes to the house’s interior by multi-storey patio with creepers and “green walls” lighted from top. From east, the house’s structure is formed by vertical rhythms of white concrete prefabricants. Their disciplined eurhythmics and elegant minimalism of divisions are in a dialogue with typologies of neighboring houses’ elevations – explains Bolesław Stelmach.

Jan Christian Szuch Avenue connects Plac Unii Lubelskiej with Plac na Rozdrożu and belongs to a town-planning assumption so called Oś Stanisławowskiego, the initiator of which was Stanisław August Poniatowski. There are i.a. Constitutional Tribunal and Ministry of Foreign Affairs along it. The Avenue is directly connected with Aleje Ujazdowskie, constituting a part of Trakt Królewski, which goes through Plan Trzech Krzyży and Nowy Świat, to Plac Zamkowy. SZUCHA is a proposition for demanding tenants, who value a distinguished location and perfect architecture – says Artur Nowakowski, chairman of Green Property Group board. – Szuch Avenue, nearly 650 meters long, is one of the most beautiful and prestigious places in Warsaw. After war, it reserved almost complete development and currently contains headquarters of crucial public and diplomatic establishments.

Green Property Group is a Polish investment group, functioning on the commercial properties market, which realized over 200 000 sq. m of warehouse, production, office and residential space. Except for SZUCHA Premium Offices, the partnership is also planning a building of 32-storey office, located in front of Arkadia shopping mall.

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