DL Center Point Częstochowa – opening

DL Center Point Częstochowa
DL Center Point Częstochowa is open! It is an office class A, which is situated in place of the former building of PZU. We invite you to see the photo gallery of the new office in Częstochowa!

The opening of the new office in Częstochowa was held in accordance with the schedule of the investor. DL Center Point Częstochowa is divided into two parts: commercial and trade as well as office. The first part has already been commercialized in 100 per cent, however, office areas are still available. It is worth pointing out that DL Center Point Częstochowa is the first office class A+ in Częstochowa. The building guarantees flexible arrangement of space depending on tenant’s needs. The size of usable space amounts to nearly 9000 sq. m, 4200 sq. m of which are occupied by offices.


The office areas are functionally completed with the commercial and service part, mainly thanks to the financial, gastronomic and drug-store offer. The complex offers many facilitations to tenants, including gym, cosmetic studio, chemist’s, or headquarters of PKO Bank. A careful selection of accompanying functions on the area of the building and its surroundings enhances the attractiveness of DL Center Point Częstochowa and it contributed to realization of the first complex business center in the region.


The building is characterized by special coloring of the elevation, high standard, ecologic solutions and good communication with the region. Characteristic appearance is to distinguish the building against the surrounding city structure.

The office is situated in the southern part of Częstochowa at one of the most important streets in the city – Jagiellońska Street. The location of the building enables direct communication with the DK1 national road. DL Center Point Częstochowa is located only 1 km away from the strict city center.


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Rakowiecka. :
Tak jestescie tam potrzebni jak dziura w moście.I piekne mury stawiacie.
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