Preview of Plac Unii

Onlookers can see what's happening at work site due to a window installed in the fencing.

From the start of works at complex, many onlookers, amblers and people interested in architecture show a large interest in what's happening behind the fencing. We made available a special window, through which they can watch how Plac Unii is being built - said Marc Lebbe, Board Member of Liebrecht & wooD.

Window at Plac Unii is located at Waryńskiego Street. Additionally, exhibition entitled "Historia Placu Unii Lubelskiej od przeszłości do teraźniejszości” ("History of Plac Unii Lubelskiej from the past to the future") has been located at the fencing since June.

Plac Unii is a shared investment of Liebrecht & wooD and BBI Development. According with accepted project, between two-tier building a 90-metres skyscraper will be built. At present, underground works reach the lowest level - foundation plate is being poured out with a width of 1,30 metre for the lowest buildings and 2,30 metres for the tower.

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Paweł :
I to się nazywa budowa przyjazna ludziom !
September 10, 2012 at 4:57 PM