New Investments In Okrąglak

Okrąglak is one of the most recognizable investments in Poznań. Restoration works have already started in the building.

Okrąglak was built in the years 1948-1954 in accordance with the project of the known Polish architect Marek Leykman. It has undergone many changes within its 60-year-old history. The investment was thoroughly renovated in the years 2011-2012 and now it has the original character and design. The indented use of the building has changed too. It is no longer a commercial investment but it also performs office and service functions. Restoration works in Okrąglak started in June 2018. They consist in renovation of the characteristic façade. The investment will be completed in December this year. Works will be carried out by Stalbud II whereas Colliers International will supervise them on behalf of the owners.

We are perfectly aware of how precious Okrąglak is for the inhabitants of Poznań and how sentimental they feel about it. Thereby, it is important to us to invest in this special building in order to maintain its character and design for the next generations. This building is a pearl of the Polish modernism, something that makes the inhabitants of Poznań really proud – says Guy Speir, Head of Sharow Capital, Co-Managing Partner and Manager of the building.

The scope of works covers external elements of the façade as well as additional protection of the construction against some environmental factors. The elevation will be refreshed and its coloring will be standardized. The latest materials and technologies will be used during works and they will be carried out under strict supervision from the preservationist.


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