Cornerstone under Good Point 761

Visualisation of Good Point 761
Visualisation of Good Point 761
The placement of the cornerstone under Good Point 761, the most recent investment of Ekolan S.A. in Sopot, has been celebrated on June 25th.

The Ekolan S.A. office building is being constructed on Aleja Niepodległości in Sopot. The investment will combine classical architecture with the needs of the modern business. One of the goals of the Good Point 761 project is to use a building from the year 1899, which needed to be pulled down. It is planned to be rebuilt in accordance with its original projects.

Next to the restored house the second wing of the building will be constructed. It has been designed by architects from PROCONCEPT, who are also responsible for the project of Sopot’s new railway station.

The area along Aleja Niepodległości is planned to become an administrative and business centre in the future years. Julia Łaszkiewicz from the Management Board of Ekolan S.A. says: By building Good Point 761 we fall in line with Sopot’s development strategy, which assumes that companies and institutions will move to this part of the city. Then she adds: We are happy that we can participate in the transformation of this district. We want Good Point 761 to be a model example of combining tradition, the pride of Sopot, with the answer to the needs of the modern business.

The total area of the office building will be of 2.100 sq. m. The tenants will be able to make use of 1.270 sq. m of the office area, whereof 400 sq. m will be situated in the restored building.

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