Entrepreneurs prefer smaller cities and move their offices there

Olsztyn is one of eight cities, in which the development of new office markets was noted. The picture shows Centaurus in Olsztyn, designed by Euro Styl.
Olsztyn is one of eight cities, in which the development of new office markets was noted. The picture shows Centaurus in Olsztyn, designed by Euro Styl.
Development of new office markets is gradually progressing in cities such as Rzeszow, Kielce, Bialystok, Opole, Torun, Olsztyn, Bydgoszcz and Radom

Eight new cities marks its presence on the Polish office map according to the report, "Nowe lokalizacje biurowe w Polsce" (New Office Locations in Poland), prepared by experts of Jones Lang LaSalle. First of all, companies from the modern sector of business services are moving from big cities in search of talent, wide availability of personnel and cost-effectiveness. Experts point out that indicated 8 cities are responsible for 5% of the modern office space in Poland (260 750 sq m), most of which are located in the buildings of a comparable standard to those available on the main office markets. It is worth noting that the newly formed office buildings are offering higher quality. The largest amount of office space is being built in Olsztyn (15 400 sq m) and in Radom (13 000 sq m).However, in those eight tested centers, there are planned to be built around 114   000 sq m of modern office buildings, offering up to 1 000 square meters. Prices range from 8 to 11 Euros per square meter per month, and they are competitive in comparison to the biggest Polish agglomerations.

- Factors that are very important for investors, especially intensively growing sector of modern business services include: the supply of high quality office space in preferred locations, attractive rental rates and access to skilled workers and university graduates - says John Duckworth, Managing Director of Jones Lang LaSalle in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. - Currently, particularly important matter for companies of SSC / BPO sector is the availability of human resources.In big cities there is a big market saturation. Service centers are beginning to compete with each other for workers, which increases costs and distracts from the core business. Hence the search for alternative, attractive locations in other parts of the country. 
Specific knowledge and foreign languages ​​is of interest to companies that are increasingly deciding on placing their HQ in the cities which are academic centers. According to data from the Central Statistical Office for the year 2011, in the 8 analyzed cities, there are 58 schools of higher education, from which 91 of 100 students graduated.This number increased in recent years, maintained at about 20 percent. of the entire country.
- The report identifies eight new, distinct points on the map of Polish office market.It should be noted that the commercial real estate market is also developing in other cities with a population of about 100 000. This is a response to the needs of local businesses, institutions of banking and financial sector, and IT. But even here you can see the growing interest of investors in SSC / BPO sector. Nowy Sacz is noteworthy , where the interesting complex Multimedia City is formed, Zielona Gora and Czestochowa, where new office spaces are being built - says Anna Kot, Director of Office Space Agency and Tenant Representation Department at Jones Lang LaSalle.
Important for the development of the commercial space market is also the increasing quality of life and satisfaction reported by residents of the tested cities. 

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