Luxury goods market in Poland

The Poles more and more often buy exclusive cars, clothes and accessories. Moreover, they spend more time in hotels and spa.

The value of luxurious goods in Poland increased by 15 per cent within last year reaching the level of 12,6 billion zlotys. The Poles the most likely buy luxurious cars. The value of this segment totals 5,6 billion zlotys. According to KP MG report, the most dynamically developing segment is luxury car and premium category. This fact probably results from the possibility of VAT recovery at the beginning of the year. The whole range of luxurious cars – German, Italian and British ones – received recognition among purchasers. This segment constitutes the greatest value on the whole market of luxurious goods – says Andrzej Marczak, KPMG partner in Poland.


The other exclusive segment in KPMG ranking includes luxurious clothes and accessories – 2,1 billion zlotys. Andrzej Marczak believes that this fact is caused by the greater accessibility to luxurious brands in Poland.


The third market category are hotel services and spa. The number of exclusive hotels in Poland, that is five-star hotels and boutique ones, is increasing. After satisfying all basic needs such as buying a house, car and providing education to children, the Poles more and more often appreciate the quality of spending time, the comfort, the exclusiveness and the emotions related to the benefits of spending time in such places – explains Andrzej Marczak.


According to expert, this segment is currently worth 1,3 billion zlotys – it will be the most quickly developing category on the luxury goods market next to jewelry and watches.


The specialists point out that the whole market will experience the growth rate slowdown – according to KPMG estimates, its value will remain the same in the following year and it will increase to 14 billion zlotys (that is by 11 per cent in comparison to this year) in 2017.


The number of the richest people is also increasing annually. In 2008, there were 574 000 people in Poland whose monthly income exceeded 7 000 zlotys gross. In this year, the number reached 878 000 people. According to KPMG prognoses, it may even exceed one million in 2016.


It is noticeable that such factors as introduction of Poland to the European Union, economic growth of our country, entering of big foreign investors and cumulation of the estate made that we are richer – comments partner in KPMG in Poland. – The value of the net income of this group of people in Poland is almost 140 billion zlotys. If we maintain such pace of development, the number of rich people in Poland will exceed one million in 2016 and the value of the estate accumulated a year later will exceed 200 billion zlotys.

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