BBI invests together with archdiocese

At the junction of Nowogrodzka and Emilii Plater St. in Warsaw a new office-services building is going to be erected.

Soon, on the plot of land at the junction of Nowogrodzka and Emilii Plater St. in Warsaw, an office-services building with a total floor area of 50 000 sqm. is going to be erected. This investment project assumes conducting the construction, commercialization and sale of a 180-meter building.

The preliminary investment deal for the construction of the structure in the vicinity of Mariott Hotel was signed on 5th august between Realty 4 Management Projekt Developerski 7 - a BBI Development's subsidiary and representatives of Warsaw Archdiocese. Two months later, the archdiocese's Economic Council and Kolegium Konsultorów adopted resolutions which allow to execute the deal from the point of view of church's legal entities. 

Realty 4 Management company is going to be responsible for preparing the investment, overseeing the process, performing designing works and author supervision of construction works. Already in this year it intends to apply for environmental decision and building terms. Execution of works is going to be handled by specially created purpose companies founded by the archdiocese, which is going to hand them the property and permament usufruct rights of the estate, which has belonged to St. Barbara's Parish up till now. In return, these companies are going to build a new parish building for the church.

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