Poczta Polska rented 13 000 sq.m.

Over a thousand employees shall work in the rented offices.
Over a thousand employees shall work in the rented offices.
Warsaw. The area to house Poczta Polska's headquarters will be leased by the end of june 2015.

We have an another transaction on Polish ofice area market. This time, Poczta Polska signed a deal with Warszawski Holding Nieruchomości. Poczta rented an area of 13 000 m2 in a new A-class office building, to be erected on Domaniewska 37C St. in Warsaw.

- The whole process was a big challenge not only because of investment, legal and technical issues, but also because of the building's short completion time relative to market's standards. Thanks to Poczta Polska and CBRE's commitment, coordination of activities has been succesful and allowed to sign the deal in client's requested time – says Kamil Tyszkiewicz, Senior Negotiator from CBRE company, which assisted Poczta Polska with the property.

Eventually the building shall house Poczta Polska's central headquarters, employing over a thousand people.

- The discussed structure hasn't been built yet and the entire project was interesting, because it combined a lease and an investment agreements.. During the building's construction Poczta Polska will influence it's shape and image, and after that will become a lessee of it's area – stresses Joanna Winter, SSW law firm's legal adviser, who advised Poczta Polska during the transaction. - It was imperative for Poczta Polska's representatives to regulate it's rights in the area of arrangements of the building's specific parameters, as well as the object of the lease itself, which we managed to achieve- adds Joanna Winter.

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