Nordea Bank the first and the main tenant of Gdynia Waterfront

Visualisation of Gdynia Waterfront complex
Visualisation of Gdynia Waterfront complex
SwedeCenter signed a lease contract with the first office tenant of Gdynia Waterfront complex.

The new location of Nordea Bank will be 11,500 m2 big.

Our decision is the consequence of 2009 contract and the project of combining bank’s units, which until now have been dispersed in three locations in Tricity. Presentable, modern building located on the wharf will surely enable for the good working conditions in the future – says Sławomir Żygowski, CEO of Nordea Bank Polska.

The office building is a 11-storey object. Together with neighbouring Marriott Courtyard hotel it is a part of the first stage of Gdynia Waterfront complex. In prospect, area of the whole investment is to be about 90,000 m2. Besides hotels and offices, there will be commercial and living spaces, cultural and recreational facilities. The first stage of the investment is to be completed in 2015.

We welcome our first tenant in Gdynia Waterfront complex. We are sure that it will be a comfortable and inspiring workplace for all the bank’s employees, especially considering the fact that the object was designed according to sustainable building standards, and environmentally-friendly solutions used there are up to high standards of LEED – says  Roger Andersson, Country Manager Poland in SwedeCentre.

Nordea Bank was adopted by PKO Bank Polski on the 12th of June 2013. PKO Bank Polski wants to create a land bank in Tricity, based on Nordea. Sales of insurance products will also be developed. PKO’s CEO stresses, that the current employees need not fear a reduction in employment.

We want to integrate Nordea bank with PKO Bank Polski. On the basis of Nordea’s licence, we want to build a land bank in Tricity. We want to make Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie Nordea work more closely with the bank, make a strategic partner who will enable us to better and more effectively cooperate in the bancassurance field of PKO Bank Polski. We want to lead Nordea Finance company integrate with our strong PKO Leasing leasing company – informs Zbigniew Jagiełło, CEO of PKO BP.

It is certain that Nordea name cannot be maintained, but PKO BP wants to use bank’s structure, as well as its experience in insurance and leasing. Departments of both banks will be integrated in the extent of retail banking.

We see a full integration of Nordea Bank’s departments with our bank when it comes to retail banking. We do not signal any major personnel changes. We will announce new job offers connected to creating a land bank based on Nordea bank in Tricity – says Zbigniew Jagiełło.

Currently PKO BP owns 14% shares of Polish market, and the acquisition of Scandinavian bank is to raise that number.

Scale of our activities in Poland is below our aspirations. We want to expand it using acquisitions and organic development and that we are doing very well. I think that the bank which has about 20% of the shares is big enough not to look through the prism of acquiring the market, but to think about qualitative and quantitative optimisation of the resources it has – comments CEO of PKO BP.

According to unofficial data, the acquisition contract is worth over 2,8 milliard zł. The changes are to happen as soon as UOKiK approves.

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