Waryński moves in to the Kaskada

Banking and Office Centre Kaskada in Warsaw
Banking and Office Centre Kaskada in Warsaw
New seat of Waryński Group will be located in Banking and Office Centre Kaskada in Warsaw.

In the January of 2014, Waryński Group will take 492 sqm of space in Banking and Office Centre Kaskada – a property of Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A. The company will move in on the building's third floor and stay there for three years.


Waryński Group currently creates three developing investments in Warsaw's Wola district: independent office investment EQlibrium by Jana Kazimierza St. and two independent housing and office projects conducted with their branch partners – one is Dantex (Nasza Wola) and the second is Polnordem (Stacja Kazimierz).


The transfer to Kaskada office building is a little bit symbolic for us – says Jarosław Jankowski, Director of the Board in Waryński S.A. Grupa Holdingowa. Since the beginning of its operations our company has been strongly connected with Wola district, were it has its seat for many years. But due to the changes in business strategy of the company and current developing projects we're forced to leave the area by by Jana Kazimierza St. In the 2014, a construction of housing and office investment of Waryński Group, created in cooperation with branch partners and an office investment EQilibrium, created separately by Waryński Group. The office building created by the crossing of Ordona and Jana Kazimierza streets, may soon become the seat of the company. The change of localization opens up a new chapter in the company's operations. We're happy to be able to invite our clients and business partners to a location which shows our idea of a real estate market and and care for the highest standard of conducted operations. Our cooperation with Polski Holding Nieruchomości also shows how effective a market based cooperation with a company belonging to the state can be. At the same time, the change in company's seat will even further endear us to main owner of the company – MARS Fund belonging to Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu - he adds.

Banking and Office Centre Kaskada offers 14 000 sqm of space in the strict centre of the city. The structure belongs to Warszawski Holding Nieruchomości S.A. which is a part of Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A. Group. 

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