ECO BPS Group in new headquarters

New office building of BPS Group in Warsaw
16th January was the official opening day of the new headquarters of Banki Spółdzielcze affiliated with Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości S.A.

The new headquarters of Banki Spółdzielcze of BPS Group is an office building at Grzybowska 81 Str., located in Warsaw's Wola district. The building built by UNIBEP SA, was completed in late 2013. Headquarters and Regional Branch of BPS Bank and BPS Group companies are located in the building.

The location where new offices of BPS Group are situated, can be called a new business and financial district. In Warsaw Wola district companies such as Getin Noble Bank, BPH Bank and BGZ Bank are located. The building at Grzybowskiej 81 Str. was designed by design studio Grupa 5 Architekci.  It distinguishes by modern design corresponding to the brick architecture of the nearby Warsaw Rising Museum.

We have created a kind of architectural counterpoint to the historic building industry , but in such a way as to reveal some interesting dialogue between two buildings emerging in different eras. We based primarily on respect and relationships between common spaces - said Roman Dziedziejko , Member of the Management in Grupa 5 Architekci and head of the office design team. Precious materials were used during construction: brushed dark basalt stone and glass with enhanced reflectivity in  order to reflect the texture of the brick of the next door building - he added.

Construction of the office building took less than 2.5 years. The property was built in accordance with the requirements of sustainable construction, which was confirmed by the BREEAM environmental certification. Unidevelopment is the developer of the building. The building offers 11 200 square meters surface as well as 130 parking spaces on a 3- storey underground car park. There are also bike racks available for users and in front of the main entrance there is a small square with steel seats. In the building there is also a restaurant " # jakVIP " located, which name refers to the BPS Group campaign entitled "In Banki Spółdzielcze everyone is # jakVIP".

Banki Spóldzielcze of BPS Group built their headquarters with help of Polish company, bringing out the beauty of Polish natural resources: stone, copper and glass. This is an important symbolism of the great venture, which was a change in BPS Group location. The most important, however, for us is reaction on image and customers perception. We want them to know that the Polish co-operative movement is growing and is modern - said Urszula Rożalska, a spokesman for BPS S.A. Bank.

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