ECO Westwing in SPEKTRUM Tower

SPEKTRUM Tower - lobby
SPEKTRUM Tower - daily visualization
Westwing Home & Living Poland Sp. z o.o., an owner of portal which offers products to equipment and home decoration, is going to move into Warsaw SPEKTRUM Tower office. The partnership rented 1000 sq. m in the skyscraper, which will be occupied in March.

Westwing, a company founded in Germany, is one of the most quickly developing start-ups in Europe. It functions in 15 countries and has over 19 million of users. Westwing has been present in Poland since 2011. It was founded by Tomasz Kasperski and Przemysław Kowalewski.


Westwing Poland has over one million of users who bought over a half a million products. The business model of the company is based on every-day offer of 5-10 new sale collections available on the website by 4-5 days, thanks to which the company all the time offers to its clients new products and brands – both Polish and foreign.


We have been looking for a high class building in the center of Warsaw for a headquarters of Westwing Poland. The location of SPEKTRUM Tower in the very heart of Warsaw business center – with a possibility of a very good access is a big advantage over other locations. Due to the fact that we run an activity in e-commerce industry, the most modern fibre-optic network available in SPEKTRUM Tower is also crucial to us. The argument for the investment was a simple and soften interior design in SPEKTRUM Tower. The aesthetics of the place is important to us because one of the most essential aspects of Westwing activity is inspiration and education of users in the area of design – says Tomasz Kasperski, owner and CEO in Westwing Poland.  


Westwing is a special company. It is a modern and thriving start-up. The activity of Westwing is based on new technologies. Therefore, we are glad that its managers decided to choose SPEKTRUM Tower. It is another serious tenant of area in SPEKTRUM Tower, next to NAVIGATOR Brokerage House, the functioning of which is based on a technical infrastructure available in SPEKTRUM Tower. It confirms a special attractiveness of SPEKTRUM Tower for future businesses which use new technologies – comments Katarzyna Parkot from WX Management Services Sp. z o.o.


Westwing Home & Living Poland was represented by Woodlark in the process of letting.


SPEKTRUM Tower is a 122-meter and modern building with over 28 000 sq. m of flexible office area located on 28 floors. The offices are located from 80 meters up and lower floors of the building are intended for services like restaurant, cafe or wide fitness zone. Moreover, the users will benefit from 314 parking places on underground tiers. SPEKTRUM Tower structure, which is certified in BREEAM system, will be located at Twarda 18 Street.

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