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Forum Press is a daughter company of the international holding Forum Media Group.


Forum Media Group:

Operates in 16 countries across the world.

Employs more than 600 workers.

Is one of the 500 most quickly developing European enterprises.

Has 20-year experience in developing practical, professional publishing operations.

It reaches over 20 million readers – both in public and private enterprises sector.


Forum Press:

We publish specialist magazines concerning production management, storage, fleet, transport and logistics, as well as – real estate management.

Our magazines are edited "by practitioners for practitioners" – we cooperate only with the best specialists and independent experts.

We are the member of Chamber of Press Publishers (Polish: IWP), Polish Chamber of Training Companies (Polish: PIFS) and Federation of the Audit Bureaux of Circulations (Polish: ZKDP).

Our achievements are confirmed i.a. by the title of Gazela Biznesu, a trademark of Consumer Friendly Company program, an award in Gepardy Biznesu, being listed among 500 most dynamically developing companies in the European Union.


Section of production and industry publishers and conferences:

"Służby Utrzymania Ruchu" (English: Maintenance Services) – case studies, advice from experts in Polish industrial establishments and carefully selected subjects of the magazine result from cooperation with specialists, practitioners, people who professionally deal with organisation of maintenance divisions, production management and machine facilities.


Section of facility management publishers and conferences

"Facility Manager" – a magazine characterised by practical approach to the problems of properties management. It provides trade information for professional workers and experts. It thoroughly analyses Polish market, informs of trends and directions of development, also abroad.

"Outsourcing Manager" – outsourcing IT, workforce management, and controlling are only examples of issues discussed in the magazine. The reliable advice presented in the magazine is extremely helpful in making business decisions.

Section of logistic publishers and conferences

"Logistyka a Jakość" (English: Logistics and Quality) – storage logistics is a set of connections, in which each element has a crucial function. Well-thought-of processes management allows to optimise all the costs and to multiply profits faster. We provide professional consultancy concerning i.a. safety of IT systems implementation, legal, and occupational safety and health regulations.

"Nowoczesny Magazyn" (E: Modern Warehouse) – well-considered warehouse management can efficiently reduce costs of warehouse management. The magazine describes in detail such issues as warehouse equipment, storage safety, modern technologies and management.


Section of fleet publishers and conferences

"Flota" (English: Fleet) – a specialist managing car fleet is responsible for effective planning of purchases, insurance and choice of financing beneficial for the company. Only the access to tested solutions in optimising costs guarantees that these obligations are fulfilled.

"Auto Firmowe" (English: A Company Car) – even for small enterprises company cars may be a source of significant savings. The magazine provides expert advice, which will help with solving problems in fleet management, as well as insurance and servicing.

"Transport i Spedycja" (English: Transport and Forwarding) – a bimonthly which helps transport companies in maintaining profitability by making appropriate decisions. Experts in TFL will give advice on reducing operating costs, inform of consequences of legal changes and help to prepare for inspections of National Labour Inspectorate and Inspectorate of Road Transport.


Section of e-business publishers and conferences

"Online Marketing Polska" – a magazine devoted to e-marketing, in which we show which campaigns generate true sale and profitability, we carefully select editors who successfully realised on-line sale.