7th National Facility Management Congress


City : Warszawa
Place : Hotel Courtyard by Marriott
Date : 16.10.2013 - 17.10.2013
Hour : 10:00 - 16:00
Status : closed

The National Stadium, integrated PKP communication centers, the first Polish passive office, LEED certification in practice, the principle of the anti-terrorism protection in commercial buildings - this and much more at the 7th National Facility Management Congress.

First-hand knowledge of the 7th National Facility Management Congress 2013

Facility Management Congress is one of the most interesting meetings in commercial real estate industry in Poland. For six years in the event take part decision-makers, responsible for the proper operation of the largest office buildings, warehouses, shopping centers and industrial buildings. The Congress is organized by the editors of "Facility Manager" magazine, which brings together readers, not only in the area of property management, but also investors, owners and designers.

The 7th edition of the congress will be held on16-17 October in Warsaw at the Courtyard Marriott hotel at Okęcie.

The theme - sustainable development

During the two days of lectures participants will have the opportunity to listen to lectures on the latest phenomena in the field of real estate management, both in terms of their technical maintenance and commercialization. All the issues raised by the speakers will be discussed through the theme: "Technology, sustainable development, buildings operation".

Specialization in commercial real estate

During the congress, speakers will focus among others on the technical aspects of property maintenance, commercialization, standardization and optimization processes. There will also be discussed various aspects of commercial passive construction development and management of specific commercial properties.

Speakers experience speakers at your fingertips

Since the beginning of Congress our substantive partners were the most interesting personalities in commercial rea estate management. Among our speakers are managers and experts with many years of experience. Their knowledge and experience on the market is the largest value for the participants of the congress. During the Congress experts will be happy to share their knowledge about the functioning of top commercial properties in Poland - says Krzysztof Kogut, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Facility Manager " .

Day Polish Facility Management sector

"Facility Manager" is a magazine based on the tradition of German newspaper of the same title. For more than a decade, thanks to the Polish title we manage to focus the industry attention on the problems discussed in the magazine. During the most important event dedicated to commercial real estate management industry participants will have the opportunity to listen to the 7th FM Market Report. The project carried out by Dr. Bartłomiej Śliwiński and Dr. Renata Gabryelczyk aims to summarize the ending year and to identify trends in the development of the FM industry in the upcoming season. This is a valuable information not only for the participants of professionals in the real estate business, but also for investors and developers. The project will bring together key players in commercial real estate management in Poland, led by companies such as Cofely Polska, HOCHTIEF Facility Management Polska, Sodexo Facility Management and Gegenbauer. It's the perfect time to immerse themselves in the issues and trends in the functioning of the Polish market of Facility Management.

Get new contacts

Take part in a meeting where you can meet experts and practitioners with years of experience. This is a unique opportunity to gain new business and professional contacts. For two days the Marriott hotel will be changed into the scene of discussions and exchange of experiences between the participants interested in the real estate market. Meet professionals involved in key aspects of the commercial real estate functioning.

Be inspired, that is: who are you going to meet at the congress

Congress organizers are focused on an interesting and inspiring topics. This year, participants will have the opportunity to learn the basics of LEED - EBOM certifications. Thus the Neubau-Strabag building object will be mentioned as well as principles of management in the National Stadium during events. The lecture by  Dr . Artur Jasinski "Architecture in the shadow of terrorism: the principle of commercial buildings anti-terrorism protection" may prove very interesting.

The operation rules of the most interesting commercial properties will be discussed giving examples of already mentioned the National Stadium, but also of the first passive office building in Poland. The new headquarters of the focused on the development of energy-efficient technologies - Euro – Center Science and Technology Park is a pioneer Polish project, which is certainly worth exploring.

Particular attention will be paid to the commercialization of the largest railway stations including those that are unique concepts on the Polish market of combining shopping mall with new railway and bus stations. Giving examples of railway stations in Poznań, Katowice and Cracow the Director of PKP S.A. Commercialization Department Małgorzata Szychułda will talk about the strategy of stations commercialization. Wroclaw Główny Railway Station will be the background to discuss the difficulties in adapting the station's space  to needs of potential tenants.

There will be also a lecture about the property operation held by experienced managers - Michał Substyk and Witold Malinowski. They will tell about the principles of inventory, budgeting and timing of the renovation works. Participants will be provided with the most important tips and news related to the technical aspect of maintaining the property.

The legal part of the Congress will be led by experts of Deloitte company and they will take a closer look at the sale and purchase of real estate. They will highlight tax problems that are taken into consideration by advisors. The Legal Due Diligence analysis of property,related practical problems and market standards is also going to be discussed.

Congress is a great opportunity to acquire the necessary and current knowledge on commercial property functioning. Each participant will receive a free compendium containing all the presentations of the speakers.

During the evening banquet all participants and speakers will have the opportunity to get to know and gain new contacts in informal atmosphere.

Visit the 7th National Facility Management Congress to gain practical, professional knowledge. Learn how the market changes. Get new business contacts and be inspired to the future action. Take advantage of the experience of the speakers who will present the most important aspects of the Polish commercial real estate managing.

The congress include:

REPORT - FM Market in Poland and the directions of its development - Dr. Bartłomiej Śliwiński, FM and business process management consultant, a representative of KT 315 for Facility Management, President of KAL 504 for Real Estate at PKN, Dr. Renata Gabryelczyk, FM and business process management consultant, a representative of KT 315 for Facility Management at PKN

Management of large multi-functional objects during mass events giving example of the National Stadium - Andrzej Bogucki, member of the board, Pl.2012+ company

Architecture in the shadow of terrorism: the principle of commercial buildings anti-terrorism protection - Dr. Artur Jasiński

Facility Management Agreement from FM standard perspective - Zbigniew Mazurek, Facility Management Consultant

A property sale and purchase,  tax problems taken into consideration by advisers - James Kutzmann, lawyer, Managing Associate at the law office Deloitte Legal.

The Legal Due Diligence of property, practical problems and market standards - Alexander Kot, Director at Deloitte Tax Department.

Functioning of the first passive office building in Poland - Sławomir Kostur, Projekt Grupa

Basics of LEED - EBOM giving example of Neubau-Strabag object - Agnes Vorbrod, founder of the Polish Green Building Council


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