Poland-wide Facility Management Congress


City : Warszawa
Place : Hotel Courtyard by Marriott
Date : 12.10.2011 - 14.10.2011
Hour : 08:00 - 20:00
Status : closed
The specialists on managing real estates will meet in Warsaw for the fifth time.

The 5th Poland-wide Facility Management Congress is organized annually by the representative of trade journal – „Facility Manager” magazine. In this year’s edition, the specialist responsible for managing real estates will meet between 12th and 14th November in Warsaw. The congress is a unique platform of exchanging experiences and a place where the representatives of real estate branch can meet their clients, providers and all the people looking for professional advice. During this event, real estate managers, administrative and technical directors, facility managers, the owners of various buildings associated with the branch will get to know, most of all:  

·          Which technological and IT solutions are most effective in managing real estates,

  • How to optimize the processes of managing media, sanitary infrastructure, buildings’ automation,
  • Which decisions are to be made in order to reduce maintenance costs of buildings, without lowering their standard and functionality,
  • Which methods of maintaining security in a building are the investment also in a business dimension

The organizer will do its best especially to make the knowledge and recommended solutions mostly practical and applicable in every-day work. Invited experts, step by step, will analyze and recommend the best solutions adjusted to Polish companies’ needs.

The issues are grouped in the following sections:

  1. 5th report on FM branch in Poland – market’s potential, its development and characteristics of its action.  
  2. Building’s security
  3. Facility manager’s portfolio
  4. Technologies and services for building – reliable and effective solutions
  5. Optimizing and managing

The participants of the 5th Poland-wide Facility Management Congress include:
• Owners of various buildings;
• Property managers
• Facility managers
• Office managers
• Commercial real estates managers
• Representatives of funds investments
• Project managers
• Administrative directors
• Technical directors
• Investors
• Architects
• Representatives of developing companies


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