ECO How to heat up an office building? With a heat pump!


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Water, earth and air are used as a sources of free thermal energy in heat pumps, also in systems of heating up a large-space object, such as an office building. Thanks to them, it is possible to cool the interior in the summer, and the investment in system will pay off monthly.


A system with a heat pump can replace air-conditioning within an office object and realise cooling function. In that case, the equipment is using a difference in temperature, between, for example, ground and the building's interior. Cooling circulation of a heat pump is then reversed - the direction of cooling fluid's flow and of heat flow is changed. This is so-called active cooling. Another method is so-called natural cooling, when ground or ground water's low temperature is used. The equipment is not running, it is only steering and controlling work of the installation, which makes this an extremely cheap cooling methode.

For the office buildings

Heat pumps are good both coolign and heating installations, which work especially well in office objects, when there is a large demand both for the cold and the heat – says mgr inż. Paweł Tomaszewski from „BEHRENDT” company – grupa SBS Marian Behrendt. All of the contemporary investors want to save money, and this equipment makes operating costs lower, as opposed to traditional, conventional solutions. Not to mention ecological arguments - he explains. Large and small heat pumps  function is the same way. The differences arise on the technical and operating level. Pump's power will probably be larger than about 200 kW, which means that the system should be adjusted to individual characteristics of the object, such as its hydraulic system's specificity, which will result in the best work parametres. Besides choosing the number of compressors or working modes, the designer will also have to make decisions concerning additional functions of the system, such as simultaneous heating of warm usable water, or mode of working as chilled water generator.


It is also important to remember, that the automatics have to be configured along with the Building Management System. Thanks to that, administering the work of peripheral devices (along with a visualisation of the system's work and suitable reports) can be done using only one panel. Also remote video surveillance can be done. It is more and more often administered by external companies, which can react to the smallest flaw in equipment's work from a randomly chosen place in the world.

The equipment, described here, goes very well with the natural trend and with the necessity of energy saving construction. Heat pumps provide low operating costs - in comparison to natural gas, they are smaller by about 50%, and in the case of fuel oil, by about 70% (though the numbers are dependent on the current fuel prices). It is similar in the case of electric energy - we get a favourable balance of energy usage in comparison to electric energy. Because the system does not emit pollution and uses minimum amount of electric energy, the investors can participate in many domestic and European Union programs, which will help finance the project.

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Pompy ciepła nie muszą kosztować fortuny, tak jak ma to miejsce w przypadku pompa Viessmanna. Pompy ciepła produkowane w Polsce (np. A-Pic Design) niczym nie ustępują zagranicznym producentom, a są tańsze.
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