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Remedy for Small Problems of Large Companies

Even 2 million zlotys annually. This is how much every employer hiring 840 people spends for the time their employees are searching for conference halls and struggling with small office issues. Is this a frivolous problem? Certainly not. All you have to do is to look at the numbers.

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At Your Service!

Why commercial, service or gastronomic points are expected by tenants to be located in the neighborhood of their offices? What matters can be dealt with by employees on the area of office buildings?

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Eclipse Invites New Tenants

A new small office building has just erected in the neighborhood of Wrocław Racecourse. What can it offer to future tenants, where is it situated and what is the history behind its name? Find out more details about Eclipse!

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Comfort and Aesthetics

On bright sunny days, glazed offices are usually preheated and thus they are no longer comfortable work places. Can we benefit from such a solution as shades while taking care about the aesthetics of our interiors and arrange the office in compliance with the newest trends?

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Freeze Your Glass Pane!

We often reminisce winter days during the summer heat. These winter days when you can hear the snow crunching under your boots and when the windows are covered with ice crystals. It is a great masterpiece of Mother Nature! Guess what! You do not have to wait for temperatures below zero any more!

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