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The problem of archiving documents has to be faced by many companies, photo by Dynatech
Vertical carousels by Biclass, photo by Dynatech
Vertical carousels enable to put office documentation in good order and simultaneously save up to 50% of space in comparison with traditional systems.

The issue of archiving documents is common not only in big corporations, where enormous archives take up long kilometers of a room and shelves are full of fat file binders dated from even decades. It is an important issue in every-day activity of each and every office, no matter how big it is.

Order above all

Regularity and accuracy in archiving is one of the basic rules to properly run a company. It means the one that always has its papers kept in order and does not allow any of important documents or invoices to get lost in papers, which were carelessly left on a desk. The basic organizational functions will be fulfilled by properly labeled file binders, folders and separators. However, we should remember that while a company is developing, or just operating for a long period of time, the number of documents that require archiving is increasing. Eventually, folders and boxes will fail. Before installing an archiving system in our company, we had our documents kept in boxes, which were heaping in a small storage room – says Monika Kapuścińska, Compliance Officer in a Warsaw’s office of Rothschild. Certainly, to reach a particular document if necessary was very difficult. First, we used to burrow through a pile of heavy boxes, placed one on another, then we were taking out file binders and only then we were able to search for particular documents. It was not convenient at all and included a hard physical work together with arduous searching of one box after another.

The skeptics who regard such solutions as useless expenditure will be undoubtedly convinced by the fact of them generating other kind of savings: saving time that is needed to reach information, significant improvement of office work, and last but not least, a considerable saving of space in comparison to traditional, mostly chaotic and accidental systems. While planning an effective system of archiving documents, we are often afraid that it will limit space that is available in an office. In fact, boxes full of documents and shelves with file binders take up much more space than furniture intended exclusively for that aim.

Vertical carousel, maybe?

As Marcin Czekała, DynaTech’s sales manager explains, vertical carousels, or a kind of „two wardrobes in one”, are one of the easiest ways to use maximum office space. It is a perfect solution for an interior designer: we can use cavities, create partitions from the carousels with an access to them from both sides, or use “the most designable wall” and move all documentation to one place in an office. We are able to look into whole content of a carousel by using only one access space – it is an unprecedented advantage. The system of wardrobes in archiving documents allows saving even 50% of space in comparison with traditionally used office furniture. Some of the furniture that is available on the market creates so-called module systems. What it means is the possibility to expand the system according with user’s variable needs, mount it in selected configurations and relocate.  


How does a vertical carousel work? Systems consist of two combined stands rotating on common vertical line. The sides of the stands are also their doors – rotating the shelves by 90 degrees, in few seconds we close the doors, or get access to file binders. High quality bearings allow using even a much-loaded stand. Rotating carousels are usually equipped with shelves with regulated height, which allow adapting their sizes to the sizes of standing documents or suspended folders. In equipment, there are also partitions that divide a shelf and prevent papers or folders from collapsing, telescopic frame for suspended files and sliding table, on which we will overview the documents. Considering the amount of documents that we have to store, I cannot imagine archiving them without the system of rotary carousels or other type – says Monika Kapuścińska. However, it is worth emphasizing that it is only a tool. Very efficient and giving possibilities, but it is just a first step to organize an effective system of archiving documents in a company.

Also, we should not be afraid that archiving system will badly influence carefully arranged decoration of an office – manufacturers of the carousels can adapt furniture’s decoration to a style of the interior, perfectly select colours or use wooden-like veneer. Furniture is also equipped with wiped boards. They will be extremely useful in commercial houses, or conference rooms.


What other issues are worth to be taken into account, while considering the purchase of vertical carousels? Most of all: safety. It is not the case of tradional stands shaking under pressure of subsequent file binders, but rather the limitation of an access for unauthorized people. Currently, nearly all modern models are equipped with central locks. Anti-fire protection is worth mentioning as well – systems of dry quenching or fire spreading protection can be applied in a carousel, therefore, we cannot lose all documentation of our company.


The best time to make a decision to introduce new system of archiving, such as vertical carousels, is the stage of designing a new office building (considering individual needs of an office rising), or modernizing an area which is already being used. It will allow planning an optimal placement of an office archive, or an effective use of existing office architecture. Vertical carousels can be mounted near walls, in cavities, or create partitions with them, which allows accessing their content from both sides. Besides, creating partitions also allow to arrange office space, e.g. by dividing work places.

Even the most effective elements of equipment or technologies will not replace an employee and his role in archiving process. However, we should remember that archiving systems will significantly help in ordering office documentation, which means heaping piles of contracts, invoices and applications. 

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