ECO Wrocław Shared Services Center of E&Y

Recently young and ambitious citizens of Wrocław have been presented with new possibilities of career development.

Recently young and ambitious citizens of Wrocław have been presented with new possibilities of career development, as over 200 financial and bookkeeping analysts may have a chance to receive a lucrative job offer. Interest in jobs is already quite big, because several candidates are competing for one place. It is all thanks to the second investment of advising company Ernst & Young in the capital of Lower Silesia. On the 4th of April 2011,  the company has ceremoniously opened its Shared Services Center. As opposed to other Ernst & Young offices in Poland, Shared Services Center is to provide financial services for the whole Europe. – We will not be running operations for external companies, as Ernst & Young Polska does – explains Dariusz Sus, Chief Operations Officer EY Global Services (Poland).


Choosing a convenient localisation to start activities of the chosen investment depends on many factors. First of all, chosen city should have a great potential, both business and social. Additionally, localisation near one of a few special economic zones lets new entrepreneurs have perfect development conditions. Friendly atmosphere, supporting the investments, is another asset. It can be created by city authorities and draws investors from many branches, for example finance or new technologies.

Wrocław meets all that requirements. The capital of Lower Silesia has won the competition between over 40 European and North African cities. During the final stage it has beaten Budapest, which has turned out to be less friendly city, and Ostrava, too small for such investment.

Wrocław has yet again proven, that it is one of the most friendly places for the investors in Europe. I am proud that it was our city which has won the race for the localisation of Shared Services Center of one of the biggest advising companies in the world. Other international concerns have already opened centres such as this in the capital of Lower Silesia. Investments like that give the citizens new jobs and heighten the prestige and attractiveness of the city for the next investors. I hope, that many global brands will follow Ernst & Young and open their offices here - said Rafał Dutkiewicz, President if Wrocław during the opening event of the Centre.
The main criterion for E&Y was a number of well-educated candidates with knowledge of foreign languages. – Wrocław's great asset are excellent educational resources. The city has a constantly growing number of students. As a result, the number of well-educated, knowing foreign languages young employees is also rising and drawing foreign investors. It is thanks to them that international organisations more and more often choose Wrocław for a place to run their business – adds Magdalena Holak, Leasing Negotiator Skanska Property Poland.
Office and interior arrangement

Grunwaldzki Center – office buildings, belonging to Skanska Property Poland - are now a temporary place of Shared Services Center. In prospect, E&Y offices are to be located in yet unfinished investment of Skanska Property Poland - Green Towers, which is to be opened for use in March 2012. Green Towers building is created with participation of Pracownia Projektowa Maćków, while Grunwaldzki Center investment was created in a cooperation with Autorska Pracownia Projektowa Hubka

Lease contract, signed by E&Y in December, concerns about 1,800 m2, that is, one and a half storey, but the company is planning to book two storeys before the end of June. E&Y offices are finished in yellow colour, matching company's logo. Unfortunately, Grunwaldzki Center does not meet E&Y's arrangement layout very well. Much space is left unused, and the company prefers square arrangement of office rooms - a big hall, like ones housing superstores, would be the best because is can hold the biggest number of workers. And the rooms, unused by E&Y could serve to expand the kitchen, as the company's ideology is to intensify the integration of employees in order to develop their creativity. This is why Grunwaldzki Center is only a temporary place. – We use open space arrangement in our offices, which means a small number of independent rooms, a big training room and a kitchen, used to integrate the employees. Of this type of office building we expect first of all to have a high space effectiveness, that means low metre rate for one person. But we also need comfortable conditions, general work security, easy access for the employees and a possibility to eat not too expensive lunch – says Dariusz Sus, Chief Operations Officer EY Global Services (Poland). Green Towers meets all these conditions, as it was designed in an elastic was, allowing free arrangement of space, according to tenant's needs. – Here in Skanska we treat offices not only as workspace, but also, and above all, as a place, where the employees spend most of the day. It is extremely important to create there conditions, favourable for the effectiveness, creativity and comfort of the people staying in the office. Green Towers building was designed to have effective arrangement. On tenants request, office space can be easily divided into zones for teamwork and individual work, representative and recreational zones. All of them are well-provided with a lot of sunlight – informs Magdalena Holak, Leasing Negotiator Skanska Property Poland. Using ecological finishing materials, maximisation of the access to sunlight and high air quality - these are only some solutions, which will guarantee high effectiveness of the workers and their good mood. What is more, in Green Towers there will be many mechanical and electric installations, which will reduce water and energy usage. There will be special parking spaces for hybrid cars, and for people, who travel to work ecologically, that means using one car for a few people (carpooling) or using a bicycle.

All Skanska investments are created using newest technologies, which is why they are environmentally-friendly. Green Towers will be the first Wrocław investment to have a certificate issued by international real estate rating system LEED, on Platinum level. The building is created according to the principles of sustainable development. During its realisation, special care was made to use natural resources in an appropriate way, which will help it sustain ecological balance.

What is more, employees and guests of Green Towers will be able to use, among other things, a canteen, a green patio allowing for a moment's rest, a press stall and an ATM.

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