Inteligentny Klucz Contest

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The Contest is the first Polish prize for executors and integrators in the field of intelligent technology of a building.

Inteligentny Klucz Award is the first edition of a contest, targeted at the executors and integrators of the buildings, in which intelligent technologies for an integrated building were applied. The aim of the prize is to point out and consequently award the best and most spectacular projects, which has enriched architecture in the security systems, managing and multimedia package.

On Polish market, there is a growing number of projects that deserve a wide promotion and award due to the integration of intelligent technologies in a building. Prior to now, what was appreciated were architecture, energy saving of the buildings, or innovating modernization. That is why we decided to create an award that will promote the aspects that used to be omitted, yet they are extremely important and useful in modern buildings' proper functioning. - says Magdalena Kniszner, Head of Lockus Sp. z  o.o.

In Inteligentny Klucz Contest, the projects will be evaluated in two categories: the realization in a public utility building and the realization in a private building (residential).

From the notified buildings, 10 realizations will be promoted to the second phase. 3 best ones will be then chosen in each category. The announcement of the results and awarding of Platinum, Gold and Silver "Inteligentny Klucz" will take place in October 2013, during a conference IBTMM 2013- 1st World Multi-Conference on INTELLIGENT BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES & MULTIMEDIA MANAGEMENT.

What distinguish our contest, is the fact that not only a building will be awarded, but most of all, the work of the integrators, executors and designers. It depends on them whether the integration of all subsystems will cooperate on the level expected by the users - Magdalena Kniszner emphasizes

Notified projects and their realisators will surely gain the prestidge in the environment of both investors and users. Also, they will obtain the references from authorities and experts of the brand.

The chapter of the contest comprises of: prof. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz, prof. Wacław Celadyn, prof. Piotr Łebkowski, prof. Krzysztof Ingarden, prof. Paweł Węgrzyn, prof. Jerzy Mikulik, dr Grzegorz Augustyn.

Detailed information concerning Inteligentny Klucz award are available on

Applications to the participation in the contest are received till June 30, 2013.

The organizers of a contest are the companies Lockus oraz Emmerson Lumico. Honourable patronage is held by: AGH, Politechnika Krakowska and PAN.

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