A film meeting with Interbiuro

"Samba" - shot action from the movie
Interbiuro company and e-biurowce portal invite specialists from real estate industry on a prerelease display of a movie titled „Samba”.

The crowds of people all over the world came to the cinema on a performance of a film titled The Intouchables two years ago. In Poland, 770 thousand viewers watched this movie on the big screen. The image became one of the greatest French hit films which was caused by a charismatic cast – i.a. Omar Sy who performed the main role. At present, the author combined forces with authors of The Intouchables once again – that is Erik Toledano and Olivier Nakachew in their new and long-awaited film titled Samba. This time, Omara Sy may be seen in a duet with Charlotte Gainsbourg in a completely different role than in films directed by Lars von Trier.



The comedy shows a contact of two different Paris worlds which are represented by main characters – immigrant Samba (Sy) and Alice (Gainsbourg). Samba works on a kitchen sink in a Paris hotel and Alice is a volunteer who decides to change her life after many years working in a corporation and start helping people. As a result of a bureaucratic mistake, Samba goes to a prison and he is threatened by a compulsory deportation from France. Alice decides to help him at any cost and she will have to go beyond the acceptable bounds of the law and answer the question where go the bounds between engagement, sense of a mission and deep feeling...


Another comedy-drama directed by authors of „The Intouchables” which will certainly delight the crowds. | The Hollywood Reporter  

Film about courage, determination and power of feelings. | La Provence

Charming, full of feelings and humour. | TV Grandes Chaines

Pure film energy. | Premiere

Politically incorrect comedy. | Studio Cine Live

„Samba” is not a cheap tear-jerker and elevatory sermon. It smoothly goes from scenes evoking bursts of laughter to the moments which make us think about a modern world. | Voici

Who would have thought that a comedy about social issues may become such a hit? | Psychologies


The occasion to meeting with Samba and Alice will be a display in Muranów cinema, aimed at architects, developers and investors within prerelease film displays organized by Interbiuro company and Gutek Film distributor.


Muranów Cinema

(Warsaw, Gen. Anders 5 Street)

26th February, 20:30!

All viewers will get a glass of wine after a 2-hour séance.

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