Stefan Kuryłowicz Foundation supports talented architects

Stefan Kuryłowicz, pic Jacek Poremba
Stefan Kuryłowicz, pic Jacek Poremba
The Foundation named after a famous architect will present its new support program for talented authors on 26th March.

Stefan Kuryłowicz Foundation will host Nathalie de Vries on 26th March. The famous Dutch architect from MVRDV studio will give a lecture in Warsaw Wola Center. Except for the meeting with a prestigious guest, two leading programs of the Foundation which are aimed at support of young, talented and active architects will be presented.


The figure of Stefan Kuryłowicz is one of the most recognizable and influential in the history of Polish architecture. Kuryłowicz has always emphasized a social and culture-making role of an architect. He believed that architectural work should be brave and responsible. The Foundation is devoted to spread the ideas which were crucial in his life.


On the anniversary of the birth of Stefan Kuryłowicz, that is on 26th March, two initiatives aimed at promotion of these ideas will be presented: Theory Competition and Practice Scholarship. The first of them will start its third edition in March. The participants of the Theory Competition submit earlier their unpublished text concerning the relation between architecture and culture. The winning work will be published in cooperation with KaNON Agency.


The Practice Scholarship, which is organized for the first time, is aimed at students and graduates from architecture. All young architects with author ideas concerning transformation of a public space in the city will have a chance for gaining financial and substantive support. The subject of the realization of the projects will be Warsaw.


The meeting with Nathalie de Vries and commencement of the projects will be held on 26th March at 18 p.m. in Wola Center at Przyokopowa 33 Street in Warsaw. However, the participants have to announce their candidatures here. The registration is free.


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