ECO Tenant in Olivia as the Best IT Work Place in Poland

The office of Sii is located in Olivia Business Center in Gdańsk
The office of Sii is located in Olivia Business Center in Gdańsk
Sii company, which rents area in OBC complex, received „The Best IT Work Place in Poland” title for the third time in a row. The results were announced on the basis of AudIT survey conducted by „Computerworld” weekly magazine and TNS company.

The Best IT Work Place in Poland honorable mention is granted on the basis of an anonymous polling, the aim of which is to analyze the satisfaction from work, engagement level concerning employees and factors which motivate them to more effective work. According to research, the employees in Sii are enthusiasts who strongly identify themselves with the company, who believe in its future and who motive their colleagues to work. TRI*M index, which illustrates the satisfaction from work place, totals 87 in Sii and it is one of the leading ones among all analyzed IT employees in Poland. Therefore, Sii employees are very pleased with their work – they assess well i.a. stabilization of employment, effectiveness of a team cooperation and honesty in solving conflict situations.


It is the third title for Sii. We have a great satisfaction from receiving this prize each year. We show that our consequent activities bring about long-term effects. We are still working on this success and we did not rest on our laurels after the first award which was certainly appreciated by our employees. The critical opinions which were presented to us together with the results of the survey are being acutely analyzed. Therefore, we are becoming even better work place – comments Joanna Kucharska, HR and Communication Director in Sii.


Sii has jointly 8 departments in Poland, in which it hires over 2000 people. Moreover, it is planning to hire another 2400 employees this year. The biggest Polish department of the company is located in Gdańsk and it has over 550 people. The company will have hired jointly 700 engineers in Gdańsk till the end of 2015. At present, we have many recruitment needs on technical work stations. We are searching for developers of such technologies like: Java, .NET, PHP, C++, Python, or Embedded. Apart from this, we are also recruiting for such work stations as network, firmware and software testers – informs Magdalena Misiewicz, P.O. Director in Recruitment Department in HR in Sii Gdańsk.


The office of Sii in Gdańsk is located in Olivia Business Center, one of the biggest office projects in Poland. – In Olivia Business Center, we do our best to provide the best quality development areas to the best companies. We are very pleased with the prize granted to Sii because it is an argument for computer programmers and enthusiasts of IT technologies to choose Gdańsk as a place of their residence and work – comments Adam Sikorski, Advisor of the Board in Olivia Business Center.

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