Google supports Polish start-ups

Google Campus in London, pic Bobbi Lee Hitchon
Google Campus in London, pic Bobbi Lee Hitchon
Google Campus in Warsaw and Campus Exchange – two designs of the Internet giant which will support innovative Polish start-ups in their development.

Google Campus is a place where entrepreneurs may gain knowledge, share with their experience and finally establish companies with a chance of succeeding on the global market. Eric Schmidt, CEO in the Google company, announced in June last year an opening plan for another Center, this time in Warsaw. The previous centers were realized in London, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Madrid and Sao Paulo. The opening of Google Campus in Warsaw is planned on the first half of 2015.


At the beginning of this year, the Google company announced a recruitment to the international Campus Exchange program within activities aimed at development of innovativeness and entrepreneurship of Polish start-ups. The meeting of start-ups from all over the world will be held in London Campus and it will last one week. It will be an unique occasion to spend some time together and work.


Three applications were selected among submitted works:

- Demish – a start-up from Poznań with an application offering adjustment of purchased products to the clients’ liking and needs,

- Usability Tools – another start-up from Poznań, the B2B SaaS platform enables optimization of e-commerce websites in order to improve the users’ satisfaction and conversion,

- Zencard – a start-up from Warsaw, a loyalty platform offering bonuses for paying by a credit card.


The Campus Exchange program is going to enable Polish entrepreneurs to establish valuable contacts and gain some practical knowledge. The nearest session will raise a subject of opportunities and challenges facing start-ups and e-commerce. Google provides the participants an agenda filled with events, practical workshops, mentoring and chance for work on the area of the London Campus.


According to Google, similar programs particularly aimed at Polish society and start-ups are planned in the future.


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