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Music room in Google's Dublin seat, photo P. Wurmli
Music room in Google's Dublin seat, photo P. Wurmli
Friendly atmosphere, interesting career development, meetings in friendly atmosphere, attractive salaries and impressive supplements... who are the employers in the highest demand and what do they offer?

Universum Global has conducted the newest list of the most desirable employers according to 200 000 students from the world's best universities. Google dominated the ranking in both categories (business and engineering). Other top places in the business category were taken by EY, Goldman Sachs, PwC, Microsoft and Apple while in engineering Microsoft, IBM, Apple, BMW Group and General Electronics.


People in the first place


Why is it that these companies are rated so high? Much has been said about 'Gogglers' working in shared, colourful rooms, with video games, billiard tables, pianos or 'micro-kitchens' with healthy food. Though all of this is true and open and creative interior benefits atmosphere, interaction and creative process in workplace, what really makes Google a unique place to work in is something different - tells us Piotr Zalewski, Communications & Public Affairs Manager in Google Poland. Founders of Google have created this company basing on the idea that work should be a challenge and challenge should be fun. Atmosphere may be casual, but when new ideas are born in a queue to the dining room, on a team's meeting or in a gym, they are presented, tested and implemented almost immediately. Such ideas can be a basis for a new product used worldwide. In Google it is believed that 5 or 15 per cent improvement is not enough. It's ten times improvement that really matters. This company's employees need to show a certain level of initiative and commitment, but in turn they are given the possibility of quick promotion as well as work on various projects effectively eliminating boredom and routine.

Proper atmosphere is of key importance in creating an attractive and unique workplace. Employee which can work efficiently and has clear aims is crucial. Nowadays, it's up to workers to make the company competitive on the market. That's why we're all creating a company, which we're proud of. We work with people whom we trust and deal with tasks which develop us. Microsoft is the company in which assignments are clear and connected with the company's strategy. Thanks to that we feel that we really influence the world - states Adnrzej Borczyk, HR Lead Poland in Microsoft Poland.


Adequate motivation


Forming a creative, bold and, above all, committed team in not easy. For a worker to be full of enthusiasm, he needs to be given a possibility to develop connection with possible, attractive promotion and additional trainings or meetings with mentors and coaches. Managers, who not only support the employee during challenging tasks but are also open to dialogue are indispensable. Thanks to openness and commitment studies, everyone has a chance to share his or hers opinion concerning what's perfect and what needs to be improved. It's listening to the personnel's opinions allows us to create a company in which everybody wants to work and is proud of - adds Andrzej Borczyk.

A similar, stimulating atmosphere in workplace has been created in PwC, which held a high fourth place in business category. Employees of this company are usually young pepole trying to get experience and develop in various areas. Our workers can get to know many trades and work on unique project on various scales - from local to global. Each year in PwC is a time of intensive learning, regardless of your position - confirms Ewa Zmysłowska, senior manager in HR department in PwC. Both teamwork and interpersonal communication are very important to us. Knowledge and experience we gain are commodities we share not only outside the company, that is with our clients, but also inside it - she adds.


Passion, integration, variety


Even the most committed workers need time to develop their passions and interests. Companies leading in the Universal Globe's ranking know it very well. Inside PwC you can find a separate football team, squash league and a team of runners, but the variety of employees' interest is even wider: from travelling and board games to aviation. Those employed by PwC have the opportunity to share their passions during regular Thursday’s meetings.

Google promotes passions along with variety connected with them. Although our employees share common aims and visions of the company, they come from different backgrounds (people with 20 different nationalities are working in three polish offices), speak different languages and have differing views along with various interests – from cycling to bee-keeping and from Frisbee to foxtrot – comments Piotr Zalewski, Google Poland. The variety translates to creativity of the employees and openness shown by the company. Google is a place where even the crazies of ideas can be utilized. There's a lot of ideas which come from our employees and are later implemented by the company. Gmail electronic mail is an example of an usage of one of our engineer’s ideas. He was unable to find his mail so he created a search engine inside the electronic mail – says Piotr Zalewski.

Integration is crucial in construction of a productive team. Every year in Microsoft begins with the meeting of all employees. Company also holds other minor holiday's and events just for its workers and their families. PwC's aim is to make every new employee feel comfortable since the day one. That's why we've created a special new employee's introductory programme, which aim is to make his or hers acclimatization with new organization and integration with the rest of the company. Key role in this programme is given to so called 'buddy' – says Ewa Zmysłowska, PwC.


That's what matters


Every company which can be found in Universal Globe's ranking can inspire and show the way to becoming a competitive employer. The first things to do are: creation of a strategy, setting what kind of company we want to be and which values are important to us. The choice of employees which share these values is essential as only then, the work becomes the completion of our own challenges – advises Andrzej Borczyk, Microsoft Poland. Microsoft is the company which aims at development and fulfilment of workers' potential in an open atmosphere, full of passion and commitment. Here everyone can be whom he really is and, at the same time, create the future – he adds. The procuring of commitment studies along with analysis of their results and making adequate changes also has to be remembered. In PwC, it's important to give the employees a chance to test themselves in new challenges, such as work in various departments, market sectors and even in different countries. What works in Google? The freedom of speech, respect for variety and open culture, often connected with start-ups. Here, everybody has his own, direct input in company's operations and, without a single problem, can express his own ideas and opinions – without a doubt it facilitates the creation of new, innovative ideas – sums up Piotr Zalewski, Google Poland.

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