Balanced renovations – second childhood of building investments


City : Warszawa
Place : Lord Hotel & Conference Center****
Date : 25.09.2014
Hour : 09:00 - 16:00
Status : closed

RD bud invites on another scene of the project

“Partnership for balanced building”

On 25 September 2014 in Warsaw Lord Hotel & Conference Center****, specialists from both country and abroad are going to discuss the revitalization of building structures. The organiser of the conference with the subject matter “Balanced renovations – second childhood of building investments” is the RD bud company, which has been propagating modern building politics remaining in harmony with nature for years.

September conference “Balanced renovations – second childhood of building investments” is already the XII knowledge symposium organised by the RD bud company within the framework of “Partnership for balanced building” project. Meeting cycle, initiated in 2010, aims at awareness-raising in balanced building as well as promoting a horizontal cooperation of all occupational groups which participate in the building investment realization process.

Changes – only for the better

The building investment renovation is a chance to restore the splendour of still existing building structures with architectural importance. However, the process requires an adequate knowledge, implementation of innovative materials and adaptation of installation solutions. The RD bud conference is supposed to popularize such approach. Within the meeting, two crucial aspects, having an impact on the achievement of low-energy building standard – such as revitalization of outside structure and inside area of the building, are going to be discussed.

The summary of each part will be a discussion panel, in which representatives of reputable companies and institutions in the industry are going to participate. Undoubtedly, an interesting item on the agenda will be also a presentation titled “3 Industry Revolution”, prepared by French representatives of the NACARAT company. The lecture will be an introduction to workshops, during which the participants of the conference will have a chance to check an acquired theory in practice. They are going to face the challenge of organizing a balanced renovation on functioning structures. The hosts of the meeting as well as special guests, that is recognized authorities in the area of balanced building from Rabot Dutilleul Group, are going to supervise the realization of such a difficult task.

The initiative of the RD bud company received a broad support. The conference is under a substantive patronage by:

  • Polish Association of Building Managers,

  • Polski Instytut Budownictwa Pasywnego i Energii Odnawialnej im. Güntera Schlagowskiego NON PROFIT Sp. z o.o.,

  • Polish Green Building Council,

  • Fundacja Poszanowania Energii.

The idea of propagating the knowledge about balanced building was also supported by companies:

  • Pilkington,

  • Isover,

  • Selena,

  • Armstrong,

  • Zymetric.

Media partners of the conference are renowned specialist media.

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